IBU-tec advanced materials AG

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IBU-tec advanced materials AG

We would like to introduce the IBU-tec advanced materials A.G., located in Weimar/Thüringen, to you.

For more than 20 years we are engaged in the development and the industrial-scale production of powder materials in the micro and sub-micro range, usually applied by our customers for catalysts and metal oxide mixtures.

The success of our products is caused by the particular physical/chemical properties of our powders, generated with our patented pulsation reactor technology, which can be adapted individually to customer´s requirements.

In order to introduce this very innovative technology for the thermal treatment of materials in a pulsating environment of hot gases, we would like to inform you about its unique features:

Range of thermal load between 50 kW - 500 kW

•Continuously adjustable frequencies of pulsation in the range between10 Hz – 300 Hz

•Continuously adjustable amplitudes of pulsation, independent of educt stream and chosen mean thermal load of the reactor.

•Material processing in oxidizing, oxygen-free or reducing atmospheres of pulsating flue gases.

•Material processing temperatures in the range between 250 degree C … 1.100 degree C

•Adjustable residence times for thermal treatment of materials between 100 ms und 5 s.

We would like to introduce this fascinating technology in more detail to your company to make you start thinking about an cooperation to develop with us high-performance materials with improved or new characteristics.

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