FEECO: Virtual Lab for Customers

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FEECO International unleashes Virtual Lab for Customers

Customers can now watch their material being tested at the FEECO Lab online without having to travel!

Green Bay, WI, USA, October 18, 2010 - FEECO International, one of the world’s leading supplier of agglomeration, thermal processing, material handling and waste processing solutions recently unveiled their “Virtual Lab”. Customers are now able to watch their material being tested at the FEECO Lab online without having to travel to the FEECO facility.

FEECO International, Inc. was founded in 1951 developing solutions for the fertilizer industry and has grown over the years by offering equipment and solutions to companies worldwide in a variety of industries–helping to convert waste to usable products. “We work hard to create usable solutions from wastes that would normally go into landfills,” an employee said. “FEECO is so much more than an equipment company…we’re a complete solutions provider, most people think we just build equipment.”

The FEECO lab does extensive testing on companies “waste products” and can turn them into profitable solutions. Some amazing transformations include turning sludges into organic fertilizer, clays and saw dust into cat litter, valuable metal recovery from spent batteries, fuel pellets from petroleum coke dust, tar sand and the list goes on and on.

Once lab testing is complete FEECO lab personnel, working with their design engineers, can then recommend the best process and equipment combination for production. After a workable process and set-up is identified, the FEECO lab has the equipment available to simulate production conditions, scale the process up to a full-scale production plant and produce end product anywhere from pounds to tons-per-hour.

FEECO can then design build and install single pieces of equipment or turn-key plants depending on customer requirements.

If you have a waste material or problem FEECO can solve it and turn it into something profitable. Visit their innovative website to see how FEECO a technology driven, processes offered company can assist you with your design, processes, equipment or production needs.

About FEECO International:

At FEECO, we specialize in turning problems into opportunities. Our mission is: “To provide innovative solutions that meet our customer needs by supplying high quality products and services at a competitive price.” We also specialize in meeting your needs on time and within budget. Since 1951, we have been designing, manufacturing, marketing and installing equipment and systems throughout the world.

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