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Cost Considerations for In-Pit Crushing/Conveying Systems

Written by Huss, C. edited by mhd on 27. Nov. 2023
This article focuses on continuous materials handling systems used in the hard rock open-pit mining industry. Guidelines for mine planning with continuous systems are outlined. Key parameters affecting capital and operating costs are identified. Commonly encountered trade-offs between operating and capital costs are discussed. A typical range of costs is presented based on average operating conditions.

1. Definitions

Because in-pit/crushing/conveying is relatively new to the industry, the vocabulary used is still in a state of flux and causes considerable confusion at times. The following definitions will be used in this discussion:

Near-Pit Crusher: Crusher located outside the pit but adja­ cent to the perimeter, e.g. Duval Sierrita s 60 inch gyratory waste crushers, G i b r a l t a r's 54 inch gyratory ore crusher.

In-Pit Crusher: Crusher located within the past or future in­ fluence of the ore body, e.g. Anamax Twin Buttes' 54 inch gyratory waste crusher and Cyprus 8agdad's 60 inch gyratory ore crusher.

Mobile Crusher System: Crusher and feeder with integral propelling mechanism such as walking pads or permanent crawler, e.g. Palabora s 54 inch gyratory ore crusher.

Portable Crusher System: Crusher and feeder with in­ dependent propelling mechanism such as crawler transporter, e.g. Duval Sierrita's 60 inch gyratory ore crusher.

Movable Crusher System: Crusher/feeder with indepen­ dent propelling mechanism such as crawler transporter and with relocation costs from 10% to 15 0/o of capital costs for site preparation and dismantling, e.g.proposed Utah Mines Island Copper 54inchgyratoryorecrusherand lscor 60inch gyratory waste crusher…

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