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Dear Sir,

We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as manufactures of processing chemicals for various industrial applications. We manufacture following products for the dye-stuff, Pigment, chemical and intermediates industries to supply the same to Indian manufactures since last 15 years.

1. De-Dusting Agent: DUSTRON is our trade name of the De-dusting agent range. We manufacture both De-Dusting Agent water soluble & oil base for Direct, Acid, Acid milling, 1:1 metal complex, 1:2 metal complex, Reactive dyes(all groups), Basic dyes, Acrylic dyes, vat and disperse dyes for applications in Blender & spray drier. Specifications are enclosed here with.

We are also offering APEO free De-dusting Agent for spray dryer and blender applications. Tailor made products available for oil soluble, solvent soluble, vat dyes & pigments.

2. SYNTROL OT PASTE / SYNTROL 5X & SYNTROL 3X liquid: The base of the product is Dioctyl Sodium sulpho succinate in 70% paste form and 50% and 30% cone in liquid. Which are used in the coupling bath as a wetting agent to improve coupling value. Which is stable in acidic and alkaline PH.

3. Syntrol oil HS: Blend of sulphated castor oil and wetting agent for the cyanuration process of r Reactive dyes, and optical brighteners. Syntrol oil HS gives uniform suspension of cyanuric chloride bath. The yield of Cyanuration is increased at 00C to 500C.

4. Syntrol oil TRO 70%:- A sulphated castor oil. Available in 70% , 50%, 40% & 30% conc. We also offer sodium. Potassium & Ammonium salt of TRO70%

5. Dyetron EHS:- 2 ethyl Hexyl sulphate for reaction bath as wetting agent from 2 to 11 PH. Excellent wetting property in Highly alkaline bath at higher concentrations of caustic. Available in various concentrations & Various salts like sodium potasium & Ammonium Dyetron EHS gives encouraging results for inorganic compounds for complexing in organic solvent medium.

6. Dyetron EHP:- 2 Ethyl Hexyls Phosphate, The product is used as a water soluble defoamer.

7. Dyetron 1718:- A non-ionic product which works as wetting agent in highly acidic condition such a nitro-sill and amine pasted in sulphuric acid.

8. SYNTROPHOURE OG:- A range of the product for dumping operation to keep particles in fine dispersion in alkaline or acidic condition which give your end product into finer form & reduce particle size.

We also undertake the development of specific tailor made product for the dyestuff and intermediates, wetting agent and dispersing agent for specific application. We hope that you might be consuming the above class of products and if you need please send us your inquiry to enable us to offer you competitive price sample & specification.

If you require any technical discussion please call us for detail discussion.

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For, N R D Industries

Mrs. Shah

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