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Comex AS delivers industrial system solutions and processing equipment for sophisticated and demanding applications. The main core activities are related to the technologies for production and classification of fine powders and optical separation of large particles. After significant efforts in R&D projects Comex provides today the latest state-of-the-art equipment together with the know-how for industrial process solutions.


Equipment for production and classification of fine particles incorporate unique world patented air classifiers and jet mills providing powdered materials in size of few microns. These materials are widely used today for different applications like fillers, pigments, coatings, medical products etc. In addition to the newly developed equipment, the complete solutions for fine particle production include other necessary elements as grinding mills, dust collectors, automatic control and monitoring systems.

Optical separation and identification provides possibilities to identify different particles or objects based on their color, size, shape and texture. These technologies incorporate image analysis techniques with unique software to identify different objects. These techniques are successfully used in many different areas where some materials can be purified in early process stages, bringing high potential for increased capacity, reduced waste emission and an increased final product quality.

Comex technologies have been successfully tested and verified for many different industrial applications.


Our personnel help customers in choosing the right solutions and services. This assistance is tailored to the customer’s needs including CAD drawings of equipment and production plant.

Why choose us?

Comex products and services helps our customers to improve the profitability of their production processes by implementing the latest stat-of-the-art equipment, which improves the quality of the end products, reducing energy consumption and making the production more environmentally friendly.

Kenneth Johansen, MSc, MBA

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