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Bulk Solids Handling for Heavy Industry

Written by Crawford, G. edited by mhd on 6. Oct. 2023
The advantages of the Cable Belt conveying system as compared with conventional belts is highlighted, indicating that a belt conveying system where the belt itself is not required to transit the driving force is more efficient as this allows each component of the design to fulfil its particular function more effectively.

There can be no doubt that the bulk solids handling requirements of the coal and minerals processing industry rate amongst the most exacting of any in the world. To meet the needs of individual quarries, mines and plants, their overall responsibilities to the public and their employees, the conveyor systems that manufacturers install must be safe, economical, versatile and durable.

Cable Belt Ltd., Camberley, England, designs, manufacturers and installs heavy duty conveyors for the long distance transportation of coal, mineral ores and similar materials.

In the UK the company's main customer is the National Coal Board (NCB) which over the years has repeatedly chosen the Cable Belt system for the solution of both overland and underground transportation problems.

The unique feature of Cable Belt conveyors is that, in use, the carrying and drive functions of the system are separate. The belt sits on, but is not attached to the drive cables. This naturally means that the belt is not required, by design or construction, to transmit the driving force and the cables are therefor used solely for support and drive. Consequently each component can be more efficiently used for its particular single function.

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