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Engineered Coal Chutes: Transshipment Terminal extends Conveyor Belt Life

Written by Felde, R. edited by mhd on 25. Oct. 2023
A high-volume coal transshipment terminal at the western edge of Lake Superior has eliminated material backups and reduced maintenance – while extending conveyor belt life – with customengineered transfer chutes.

Designed and constructed specifically to address the flow rate and physical characteristics of the terminal’s coal, the custom engineered transfer chutes, installed at the transshipment facilities of Superior Midwest Energy Terminal, have helped to avoid blockage and minimize fugitive material, reducing costly interruptions to clear plugged sections and clean up spills.

One of the challenges for Superior Midwest Energy Terminal was the ambitious loading schedule, which doesn’t afford much opportunity for maintenance and equipment changes. Downtime is limited, with system upgrades handled during the annual January and February maintenance outages. That emphasis on maximizing performance, coupled with the willingness to make investments that will maintain efficiency, led the terminal to install custom­engineered chutes from Martin Engineering of Neponset (IL), USA.

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