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Case Study

Concrete Recycling with Kleemann Impact Crusher MOBIREX in California

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The mobile impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 is used in California to process concrete. The plant demonstrates its high performance and flexibility – all combined with simple operation.
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Kleemann MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 at work with the John Deere excavator 345GLE recycling concrete in California. (Pictures: ©WIRTGEN GROUP)

At a storage site in Beaumont, Southern California, aggregates are processed for the construction industry. The customers range from general contractors such as the government, towns and local authorities to home-owners and on to companies from the film industry. The extracted concrete and asphalt is crushed and processed at the storage site or on site at the customer's. The impact crusher MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 from Kleemann is used for the crushing process.  The material is crushed from a feed size of around 500 mm to approx. 25 mm.

High Throughput and flexibility 

The MR 130i EVO2 from Kleemann achieves high throughputs combined with very high product quality. Machine availability is high thanks to short set-up times before start-up and maintenance. Furthermore, the machine is easy to transport. Its flexibility allows it to be deployed wherever the customer needs it. "Work with the Kleemann machine is fantastic. It has numerous excellent functions. “If we have to process large volumes, we take the MR 130i EVO2 to the customer and crush on site", explains Dallas Jones, Vice President of Operations at the operating company Ramco. 

Efficient Drive guarantees a good Material Flow

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"The Kleemann MR 130i EVO2 impact crusher is extremely user-friendly and easy to handle", says Darrel Burroughs, operator at Ramco. 

The impact crusher MR 130i EVO2 has a diesel-directdrive that provides a high output combined with low fuel consumption. To prevent narrowing of the material flow, the plant's system widths are increased in material flow direction for all components. This prevents material bridging and increases productivity. The feed control CFS (Continuous Feed System) controls the frequency of the vibrating feeder and the prescreen depending on the crusher feed. The CFS then facilitates work for the operator because the machine controls the material flow automatically and guarantees the best possible loading of the crusher.

Simple Operation thanks to SPECTIVE 

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The MR 130i EVO2 can be operated conveniently from a safe distance with the radio remote control.

The operating concept SPECTIVE from Kleemann makes handling of the MOBIREX MR 130i EVO2 very easy. The machine is controlled via a 12-inch touch panel. Clearly arranged operating instructions and pictographs help the user to find the correct setting for each task quickly and precisely on the touch screen. This way operating errors are avoided and occupational safety is improved. Important functions, e.g. the crusher gap adjustment, are executed in a simple manner – fully hydraulic and in ongoing operation. "SPECTIVE is very simple. Operation does not require a lot of experience", explains Darrel Burroughs, operator at Ramco. "Overall, the Kleemann MR 130i EVO2 impact crusher is extremely user-friendly and easy to handle."

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