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AGRANA expands Production Capacity for technical starches and invests EUR 23 million

Edited by mhd on 31. May 2023
Wien, AustriaThis year, the fruit, starch and sugar group AGRANA is starting with the construction of an additional drum drying plant at the site of its potato starch mill in Gmünd (Waldviertel District of Lower Austria). With an investment volume of EUR 23 million, AGRANA aims to boost the production of technical special starches for the construction and adhesive sectors. The plan is to complete the new plant in July 2025 and, as a result, increase the production capacity of technical starches by a third.

“Due to legal requirements, technical sectors are increasingly relying on organic materials and, therefore, selecting starches as a sustainable alternative to oil-based products. The expansion of our facility is in response to this rising demand and safeguards the competitiveness of the Gmünd site,” stresses Norbert Harringer, CTO of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG. In Europe, AGRANA is the market leader in both technical and organic starches.

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