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Sterling Systems & Controls: Added Safety and Productivity in Bag Handling

Edited by mhd on 3. May 2018
Sterling (IL), United States

Filling the ingredient bins can be done manually or automatically. The former is the most common. Manual refilling of the ingredient bins is done by emptying small bags of ingredient material into the empty bins. Bag weight usually is around 50 to 100 lbs (approx. 22.5 to 45 kg). The frequency of refilling depends on bin size and ingredient usage. Ingredient bags are usually transported on pallets. Manual movement of bags from the floor to the top of the ingredient batching system to gain access to the bin access points, and the lift of bags to empty their contents into the ingredient bins can be time consuming and take its toll on the operator physically. A solution is needed to optimize productivity and minimize physical deterioration of the operator.Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has introduced its bag lift and pallet scissor lift features that eliminate the physical stress on the operator when filling ingredient bins from 50+lbs bags stored on pallets. These new optional features will also increase overall productivity as the filling is done quicker, as well as safer.

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