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MoistTech: Solutions for the Ceramic Industry

Edited by mhd on 24. Jan. 2018
Sarasota (FL), United StatesWhether in the production of ceramic raw materials or the processing of these raw materials into ceramic products, moisture is the key to achieving the best quality of the final product. MoistTech offers optimized solutions for moisture measurement, which enable users to increase their profits, reduce material waste and downtime and improve overall customer satisfaction when processing ceramic raw materials.

Without accurate moisture testing instruments, quality is depleted and waste occurs. But choosing the right ceramics moisture tester can make all the difference.MoistTech Corp. is the original manufacturer of Near-Infrared (NIR) technology in the industrial moisture industry and manufactures a range of on-line sensors & at-line instruments for moisture measurement and real-time moisture process control for numerous applications.  NIR spectroscopy is a proven technology that delivers clear results and MoistTech strives to exceed all customer expectations.Moisture content is a critical parameter for ceramic manufacturing and processing. It is vital to the correct operation of the dryer to within 0.1% content. Ceramic products have many advantages over products constructed from other materials. Ceramic properties include wear resistance, high strength, long life, heat resistance, porosity, and non-toxicity. However—none of these qualities can be achieved without the proper manufacturing process and the constant supervision and regulation of moisture content.Unlike other instrumentation of this type, some of the unique features of the IR3000 is that it can monitor the product even with small gaps in product flow and is unaffected by ambient light without impacting the accuracy. The IR3000 is also ideal for installations on chain conveyors and screw conveyors. The sensor(s) can be located throughout the process and can be directly connected to the users PLC or any laptop. Ethernet 4-20 ma are included as well as the company's high-tech Windows operating software.MoistTech has designed a suite of high-tech Windows programs to provide user-friendly interfaces for configuration, data logging, and monitoring of diagnostics. With this users can perform calibrations, define gauge and measurement parameters, set-up and configure up to 50 different product codes. This MoistTech software package is easy to use and compatible with any PC platform.MoistTech Corp. will be performing LIVE demonstrations at the 2018 Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, OH May 1-3, 2018,  BOOTH 331.

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