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Seven Key Benefits of Dinnissen's largest-ever Mixer with Extractable Shafts

Edited by mhd on 19. Oct. 2023
Sevenum, NetherlandsWith this Pegasus® MG, Dinnissen has produced its largest-ever mixer with extractable shafts. According to the manufacturer, this new machine offers seven key benefits.

This powerhouse can (1) mix up to 7000 liters in record time, achieving perfect homogeneity. Due to its extremely short mixing times (45-90 seconds), it also results in (2) significantly lower energy costs.

Manufacturers can now (3) mix small amounts of micro-ingredients homogeneously without the need for a premix. This step eliminates a preliminary process, (4) reducing both operational costs and required space.

Designed with hygiene in mind, and devoid of internal cavities, this mixer — equipped with separate bolt connections aligned with EHEDG guidelines — ensures (5) no breakage of powder and leaves minimal residue. The (6) large front-opening hatch, complemented by extractable shafts with guides, ensures easy accessibility.

These design choices result in (7) significantly shorter cleaning times for both the mixer and hopper, leading to considerably less downtime.

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