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Fertilizer Manufacturer Hauert puts its Trust in Eirich Mixing Technology

Edited by mhd on 16. Aug. 2023
Hardheim, GermanyFertilizers – and the way they are manufactured – play a pivotal role in agriculture and make a significant contribution to boosting crop yields and food production. For many decades Hauert – a well-known manufacturer and supplier of fertilizers – has been putting its faith in the expertise of Eirich.The two companies now have a number of further joint projects in the pipeline.

For over 110 years, Eirich has been regarded as a specialist in mixing technology and in the preparation of raw materials. One of the company’s main areas of focus is sustainable, resource-efficient production of fertilizers, and for many years it has already enjoyed a successful cooperation with Hauert, a major European player in the field of fertilizers and specialty products for gardening/landscaping, sports facilities, and organic farming.

Hauert added its first Eirich mixer back in 1968 – and since then, this unit has been used to produce over half a million tons of fertilizers. At present, the traditional company, which can look back at over 350 years of experience, relies on technology from Eirich particularly for its Granutec line. Elsewhere, Eirich components are also used for weighing, dosing, and mixing.

The production of fertilizers is an important part of modern agriculture and helps to ensure yield stability and sustainability in food production. By delivering essential nutrients in an efficient and controlled manner, fertilizers play a decisive role in tackling the global challenges in the field of food security. This is why manufacturers and machine builders are working continuously on the development and optimization of production technologies. With the aid of innovative manufacturing processes, the way resources are used can be improved – helping to reduce emissions and improve the efficacy of the fertilizers in the process.

Hauert uses a wide range of different technical processes in its fertilizer production. The Granutec line, which was planned and built together with Eirich, is used to produce mineral-based specialty fertilizers using two Eirich mixers of type RV 16.

Here, Hauert uses a great number of different recipes to produce high-quality mineral fertilizers, including everything from standard lawn fertilizer to specialty products such as microgranulates for use on golf greens or fertilizer for seed tapes.

Granulates for more efficient Use of Fertilizers

The granulation process is based on complex solubility and crystallization effects. This means that a carefully coordinated formulation is absolutely essential. The most critical step in the production process is the mixing stage, where a range of different raw mineral ingredients are combined with a defined amount of water in a process defined by typical process parameters such as mixing time, rotational speed, etc. It takes a combination of strictly defined production specifications and the machine expertise of seasoned machine operators to deliver a high quality product and ensure that the production process is efficient and profitable.

Thomas Lansdorf, Senior Manager Process Technology Fertilizer at Eirich: “At Eirich, we actively bring together a lived approach to sustainability with our unique mixing technology. Together with Philipp Hauert we are working on innovative methods for the production of sustainable and climate-friendly fertilizers. The Granutec line offers incredible flexibility for such a compact design. The various raw ingredients for the fertilizer are dosed accurately to the nearest gram into two Eirich smart mixers of type RV16. In a matter of just a few seconds, the raw materials are thoroughly mixed, moisture is added, and then they are granulated to the required grain size range. Thanks to this process, every single granule contains all the required nutrients in the right balance. The round granules are dust-free, stable when stored, and easy to weigh and dose. One particular highlight of the project was the bespoke customer planning in the historical production building of Hauert Dünger AG.”

“Our collaboration goes back to the 1960s. Eirich is a one-stop source of process engineering know-how and planning expertise. And to round off the optimized project planning available with Eirich, we can also use the Test Center in Hardheim for trial runs. With Eirich it is also possible to pursue new approaches,” explains Dr. Alexander Kozur, Head of Research & Development at Hauert, talking about the successful and long-lasting cooperation between the companies. “At Hauert, our guiding principle is simple. Only by taking our customers seriously and by understanding their actual needs, preferences, and capabilities is it possible for us to manufacture suitable fertilizers that are both effective and, at the same time, protect the soil and the environment. We believe that this approach is also taken in a similar way by Eirich in terms of machine design and construction, and that our two companies share a certain common bond in this respect.”

Hauert is constantly working to improve its products and to optimize process steps. In this context, the specialist for fertilizers is planning to expand its existing lines and machinery together with Eirich in order to widen the product portfolio of the Granutec line and improve flexibility in production. Further projects relating to the circular economy are also in the pipeline.

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