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BMH Technology to supply a Waste Processing Plant to Vietnam

Edited by mhd on 17. Feb. 2022
Rauma, Finland

The plant is designed to handle a total of 600 tons of fresh MSW and industrial waste per day, which will significantly reduce landfill and enable the production of sustainable electricity. The fully automated system is flexible for future needs and has the capability to process other waste streams as well. The integrated power plant is 100% fuelled by RDF from BMH facility.

(Picture: BMH Technology Oy)

BMH has delivered several similar TYRANNOSAURUS® waste refining processes to Asia, yet this facility, integrated with a power plant, is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The area offers plenty of potential for the technology to be used more widely.

The delivery by BMH consists of pre-treatment equipment that together form a process for utilizing the rejects as new raw materials and sustainable energy. In the process, the particle size is optimized, recyclables such as metals are separated, and inert materials are removed. These include e. g. stones, sand and glass, which can potentially be used as ground filling materials. All this contributes to Vietnam’s high targets for zero landfill.

Pre-processing the waste means producing cleaner and more efficient fuel as well as separating valuable recyclables. The increased material recovery supports circular economy and contributes to higher electricity production. With this solution, a bigger amount of energy can be produced from the same amount of waste.

The equipment will be shipped to the customer end of 2022. The entire plant is scheduled to start commercial operation in the end of 2023.

About Thang Long Energy Environment Joint Stock Company

Thang Long Energy Environment Joint Stock Company was established in 2017. The company’s core business engages in waste treatment activities in Vietnam, particularly in municipal solid projects.

About TTCL Vietnam Corporation

TTCL Vietnam Corporation Limited is the leading Integrated EPC company in Vietnam, incorporated in 1997. TVC is a subsidiary of TTCL Public Company Limited (TTCL), the first integrated Engineering, Procurement and Construction (Integrated EPC) company in Thailand. TVC has experience and expertise in integrated EPC of turnkey projects for industrial and process plants.

About BMH Technology

Established in 1929, BMH Technology is one of the global leaders in sustainable waste refining and solid biofuel handling systems. It designs and delivers plants, equipment and aftersales services worldwide to help customers recover materials, decrease waste dumped on landfills and reduce CO2 emissions. 

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