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BinMaster licenses Emerson’s 3D Solids Scanner and Software

Edited by mhd on 10. Jun. 2020
Lincoln (NE), United States

This agreement ensures continued availability of the 3D Solids Scanners for customers demanding precise measurement of vessels and its 3D modeling software for years to come,” said Scott Hudson, executive vice president of sales and marketing for BinMaster. “BinMaster has successfully marketed this technology as the 3DLevelScanner in the United States and Canada since 2009. We have built an established customer base over this time who have come to rely on 3D level sensing technology. New customers with complex measuring problems will have the valuable option of the 3DLevelScanner that would not be possible without this agreement. BinMaster will now offer the 3DLevelScanner globally.”“Emerson is pleased to enter into a new global license agreement with BinMaster,” said Thomas Ortenberg, vice president & general manager with Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “We will continue to leverage our patented breakthrough technologies used in the 3D Solids Scanner for the development of future products in the Emerson portfolio.”

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