Sand Washing & Screening Plant

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I have recently been instructed by the owner to find suitable customers for the following Plant due to site clearance;

1. 150tph sand and gravel washing plant - producing 3 washed aggregates and a washed sand. Comprising of 30ton hopper with variable speed belt and remote controll hydraulic tipping grid, feed conveyor, 16 x 5 triple deck rinsing screen, plc control panel in 6m cabin and 4 no 15m stockpilers.

Either of the following Hydrocyclone Sand Plants would suit the above plant

2. 70tph single sand Hydrocyclone plant

3. 100tph single sand Hydrocyclone plant

4. 20tph Ultra Fines Recovery Plant

5. 250kva CAT generator 2006 1900hrs

6. 400kva CAT generator 2004 7900hrs

7. A number of both Liquid and Powder polymer makup and dosing plants (new & used)

8. A range of Warman pumps - 8-6's, 6-4's, 4-3's rubber lined and metal lined

9. Bredel SPX100 peristaltic pump

If you need any more info just contact me through bulk online and i can get more info and pics for you.


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