Tramp Metal Detection

Posted in: , on 11. Sep. 2002 - 20:44

I am interested in proven equipment to detect tramp metal on high speed, high tonnage steel cord troughing conveyor belts that have been fitted with rip detection coils.

The issue is one where if the tramp detector is adjusted to avoid sensing the coils, it is not able to detect tramp metal.

I understand that coils can be programmed out in some sensors but may need to be clipped for the sensor to acknowledge. There are also issues when the coils become damaged.

Any ideas, opinions, experiences welcomed.

Comments on magnetised steel cords, causes and effects on detectors would be welcomed. Do we need to regularly degauss?

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Steel Cord Belts

Posted on 12. Sep. 2002 - 02:10

Steve, we have many years of successful application of our technology in applications utilizing steel cord belts. Since much of our value is in the ability to keep our customers out of trouble or get them out when necessary, we are willing to help. If you could give us more information... of a particular problem.. then we may be of more educational value.

It is possible to ignore steel cord belts. Splices or maintenance repairs do require clips and our unit then with the aid of a clip detector adjusts (does not turn off) during the clip mode. Additional clips may be added whenever repairs, stitching is done.

Operation of welding equipment or other similar devices on the belt may cause the belts to have developed a magnetism that is "seen" by the detector. As you indicate, this can be remedied by degaussing.

Degaussing machinery is really dependent on the location of the customer.

If we can help on more specific information please call us at 866-832-8766 (866-TECTRON)