St belt splice monitoring system

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In this thread I am looking for:

1. Experience wrt to splice monitoring systems installed at your end.

2. Methods adapted for condition monitoring of hot vulcanised splices.

3. Cost involved in ST belt splice monitoring.

Reason for starting this thread is, that our conveyors (Phoenix) are 10-12 years old Whose splice we monitor by:

1. Periodically inspect top and bottom shore hardness of splice.

2. We have made a master marking before and after every splice which we measure periodically to monitor elongations.

3. Visual inspection for bulge, opening of splice etc.

Need inputs for best practices followed by industry experts and monitoring equipment’s available in market.

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Re: St Belt Splice Monitoring System

Posted on 31. Jan. 2023 - 08:50

Here is an option for you. Full belt monitoring system.

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