Pulley Assy & Manufacturing Procedure

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Dear all,

While manufacturing of conveyor pulleys, shaft does not undergo any welding hence theoretically shaft should not be put in furnace for stress reliving.

But if the shaft diameter is kept higher between the Hubs than the one of the end disc has to be welded after stress relieving. This defeats the purpose of carrying out stress relieving. (please see the attachment)

My question is, Can not we do SR of pulleys fully assembled with shaft, before final machining? Will it affect the shaft properties badly?

The shaft is En8, Forged & normalized and SR will be carried out up-to 650 Deg. C. The pulleys under discussions are simple standard pulleys 630mm dia X BW 800 mm x Shaft dia 90 mm.

How do you tackle this issue?


pulley assy (PDF)

Re: Pulley Assy & Manufacturing Procedure

Posted on 27. Aug. 2010 - 11:45

Not being a pulley designer myself, is it normal to have the shaft 'captive' in the pulley???

Re: Pulley Assy & Manufacturing Procedure

Posted on 27. Aug. 2010 - 05:55

I have no idea why you would go with that type of hub. You would never be able to change out the shaft or just the pulley.

Why not go with a normal hub and bushing design?

Then you would not need to worry about the shaft for SR.


pulley (JPG)

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Re: Pulley Assy & Manufacturing Procedure

Posted on 2. Sep. 2010 - 04:48

Dear Mr.Gary,

What would be the cost difference of pulleys having shrink design compared to the hub design given by Mr.Santosha?

( There could be simple hub designs in which shafts may be replaced )