Re: Replacement Of Slew Ring Bearing

Posted on 18. Dec. 2005 - 02:40

You must leave the balanced superstructure intact & chocked. With the tripper detached this is a quite straightforward job so long as safety is paramount. Design & build a fixed frame to support the superstructure when & as the latter is jacked up off the trolley. You might, or might not, need to drill or weld bracketwork onto the upper slewing ring mount.

Cranes are out of the hire cost...crane standing area?? etc. Against these considerations the simple frame shines through.

You will probably have to replace the original grout as well and for this you will need to dismantle some internal trolley chutework.

If you send me the machine GA I can give you a budget price for the frame works complete with the cross travel trolley.

John Gateley

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Replacement Of Slew Ring Bearing

Posted on 18. Dec. 2005 - 10:55

We have successfuly welded the broken teeth of slew bearing without removing the main structure. The said slew bearing is working satisfactorily for the last 7 years without any problem.

If broken teeth is your problem then we we can solve your problems. This was done at one of the Stackers in HALDIA DOCK, Calcutta. India.


Kalyan Brata Ghoshal

Engg. Division

Consultancy & Manufacturing Co. (Engg. & Service Div.)

Piga Piero
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Replacement Of Slew Bearing

Posted on 19. Dec. 2005 - 03:21

We have been involved in several replacement during last few years in China, Philippines, Iran, Brasil and Italy.

In order to replace slew bearing it will be mandatory to put the machine in safety condition prior to operate the replacement activities following a dedicated procedure.

Replacement will be made lifting up the whole upper structure by means of suitable jacks supported on the gantry structure (if the original project already include jacking supports as it should be correct design) and acting against the rotating ring in which it should be already installed suitable plates.

If the gantry and the rotating ring are not equipped with dedicated structures/plates it will be necessary to design and weld additional dedicated lifting brackets strong enough to support the upper part of the machine.

It could be necessary to poor some cast resin in order to restore correct flatness of the structures before the new bearing installation (rothe erde reccomend a total flatness of 0.2 mm on the whole circumference).

In order to define correct safety procedure and possible additonal structures it will be necessary to analyse:

- Balancing of the machine (theoretical and field report during erection) in order to check the center of gravity of the machine at bearing level.

- General Lay Out showing maintenance area and boom tie down on the ground.

- Drawings of gantry and rotating ring structure in order to verify jack supports.

Total weight of the upper structures (to define the jacks size)

We will be able to send a suitable Technical & Economical Quotation for the replacement if you will send to us the above information.

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Slew Ring Bearing

Posted on 20. Dec. 2005 - 03:34


1.The balanced Luff superstructure (which consist of a) Boom strl. b) Bucket wheel c) Slew Deck, d) Mast or Pylon, e) Luff Cylinder, f) Counter Weight Arm, g) Counter Weight-100MT, h) Associated equipment over Slew Deck like Luff Power Pack,Slew& Bucket Wheel Drive Power Pack, Chut Supporting Strl. Boom conv. receiving chute .

You have advised to keep the above items intact and chocked . Pl. note that the Mast/ Pylon strl. is not of the conventional type normaly seen in S/R machines . This strl. is divided into 3 parts * The lower most part is a integrate part of inner Boom strl. upon which the mast middle part is placed over socket type blocks (F) part, and the male part is inserted with rocker arrangement. Each individual assly. is located & align with the help of a pin 50 Dia.and lock plate.

The same practice is adopted in all pivot connections of CWT Arm and inner boom (lower mast). Chocking these rockers may have adverse effect.

We will be happy to keep the balanced Luff superstructure intact and lift / Jack up the entire arrangement above the Slew Ring level and make a gap of 150mm to 200mm so that the Slew Ring’s soft point can be re-located to the load / working zone.

Please note that if dismantling is absolutely mandatory then we will not be using the same Slew Ring Bearing. It will be replaced. As the installed S/R Brg. Deflection / ball race wear is within the acceptable norms of the manufacturer although it has served for 17 years, we want the bearing soft / no load area to be re-located to the load zone (ie. Where the Slew Drive Pinion normally travels.) in order to have a equal wear all round.

The G.A. /DSO drg. cannot be forwarded sorry for the inconveniency. The S /R machine is designed by M/s S&H Bristol UK. Presently the group is with M/s Metso Minerals.

We have the supporting trestle /strl. ready for supporting Mast strl. & Boom .But the problem is in between the two track / rail foundation there is no civil tie beam upon which the jack up structure will be placed. More over you will appreciate that doing the job keeping the Boom along the yard conveyor direction will be too risky .




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Slew Ring Repair

Posted on 24. Dec. 2005 - 09:39

We have successfuly welded the broken teeth of slew bearing without removing the main structure.The said slew Bearing is working satisfactorily for the last 7 years without any problem.

If broken teeth is your problem then we we can solve your problems. This was done at one of the Stackers in HALDIA DOCK, Calcutta, India.


Kalyan Brata Ghoshal

Consultancy & Manufacturing Co. (Engg. & Service Div.)

Re: Replacement Of Slew Ring Bearing

Posted on 16. Jan. 2008 - 09:10

Dear Sir :

I would reccomend you go to the experts for advice:

I was project manager for a slew bearing changeout in a 6000 tph stacker-reclaimer and our key technical advisors were EMS-Tech from Canada. They have 30 years of experience designing and servicing stacker-reclaimers worldwide.

You can visit them at the following address:


Enrique Boada Sales Manager Colombia Corrosion Engineering Inc. Tel: 57-1-8625149 Cel: 57-313-2836864 E-mail: Website:

Replaced Slew Bearing

Posted on 21. Jul. 2009 - 10:32


Yes...I have replaced a slew bearing on a 20 year old MAN bucket wheel reclaimer (3000tph).

It can be done, but you need the right equipment and in particular the right type of replacment bearing.

Produce Slewing Rings

Posted on 2. Aug. 2010 - 12:02

Dear Mr A.N.Mukherjee,

We are a producer of slewing rings, if there any needs,welcome to contact us directly. which diameter is 400mm to 6500mm.

Looking forward to hear from you

Best Regards,

Zhang Lifeng,


Luoyang Zhuanpan Slewing Ring Co.,Ltd.



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The 2nd 6019.20mm Slewing Bearing Has Been Exported To Drammen …

Posted on 15. Oct. 2010 - 03:51
Quote Originally Posted by A.N.MukherjeeView Post
Hello all..

I would like to know if anybody has an experience in replacing slew bearing of a stacker reclaimer ( 30 mtr boom ) without dismantling the luff superstructure. The raceway diameter of the slew bearing( rothe erde make ) is 3965 mm .

We THB BEARINGS CO.,LTD have much experience in providing slewing bearings for stacker reclaimer, ship loader and unloader, etc.The 2nd slewing bearing with 6019.20mm diameter has been

exported to Drammen Yard(Norway) On Oct, 2010.

Any need about slewing bearings, pls do not hestitate to contact us.

Best regards

Cathy Zhang



Re: Replacement Of Slew Ring Bearing

Posted on 27. Feb. 2015 - 02:34

for what you need, you should find a customized solution for some smaller factory. the big companies do not do this kind of product if not for large numbers and costs.

I do not recommend the Chinese for the poor quality, bearing life would be very low. you might try omniaberings (, is a German company that makes a good product at a good price. maybe I could find the right way, not to spend too much and have a good quality.

I hope it can help you

T'was The Week Before Christmas.....

Posted on 27. Feb. 2015 - 12:42


I presume that the most recent replies are concerned with the supply of a 3rd ring because the 2nd is maybe getting past it's sell by date.

Many threads are getting replies which are better never than late.

Attachment added by Administrator as an example only:


IMO slewing ring

John Gateley

Roland Heilmann
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Posted on 3. Mar. 2015 - 08:48

Hello John,

congratulations to your post #1000, and be it that this is not yet the peak of your production. Also, I wish you continued success with this saxophone of yours, on a high note!

This old thread fishing (thrishing?), salesmen don't live in a normal timeframe, rather to a "it's never too late to try a trick or two". When the devious word wriggling becomes a writing on the wall, then it will be time for another change (of a slew ring)... ;-)

All the best!


Kind regards


Thank You

Posted on 6. Mar. 2015 - 04:52

Hi Roland,

It is very pleasing to see that other established and competent members read those thrishing threads and support/comment accordingly.

One thing though, sometimes they offer the chance to review ancient posts and maybe, after an intermediate experience it is possible that hindsight might justify a comment without opening a new thread. These occasions are extremely rare (I've seen about 3) and it is probably better to quote the old thread in a new posting. But of course that doesn't affect the thrishing which is why I try to insult the thrishers whenever they arise.

Saxophone is sort of taking a back seat because although retired I am very active in developing machines to load and unload freight containers with bulk. Loading was reasonably straightforward but unloading to any degree of success is proving quite challenging and many concepts have been turned on their heads. I don't want to leave an article unfinished and containers are like bulk vessels, OK to load but a beast to empty, so I have to complete the unloader...for completeness.

I actually miss Anil Seth and his comments. Is he still there? There are others but, can you believe it, I am polite enough not to name then.

John Gateley

Stacker Reclaimer Slew Bearing Repacement

Posted on 18. Dec. 2015 - 10:45

We are VVR Engineering Works having an experience of 30 years for replacement of Slew Bearing of Stacker and Reclaimer of diffrent makes like ThyssenKrupp Industries, L&T, Elecon, MMC, Sandvik, TRF, Flsmith and others. For any enquiry can contact below address.

VVR Engineering Works

D.No.-36-53-4, NH-5 Road,

Reddy Kancharapalem,


Andhrapradesh, India

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Stacker Reclaimer Slew Bearing Repacement With Out Desmantling …

Posted on 18. Dec. 2015 - 10:55

We are having 30 years of experience in replacing of Stacker Reclaimer Slew Beraing with out dismantling of Upper structure.

VVR Engineering Works

D.No. 36-53-4, NH-5 Road,

Reddy Kancharapalem,

Visakhapatnam - 530 008

Andharaparadesh, India


Another Stocking Filler.

Posted on 19. Dec. 2015 - 12:11

It really is the week before Christmas this time round.

Seasons Greetings to all.

John Gateley