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Whatever cookies, candy, baked goods or meats, beverages, seafood processing, all of them are more stringent requirements for conveyor belts. EXQUISITE INTL conveyor belts for food and beverages are with innovative production technology and standardized production processes, provide customers with high-quality food processing conveyor belt. EXQUISITEINTL conveyor belts are made from the new environmentally friendly material polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the raw material of conveyor belt of, we can produce and design the conveyor belt as the customer's technical requirements. Our food conveyor belt meets the qualification of food hygiene standards, can directly touch with the food, no smell, oil-resistant, moisture-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to clean, etc., it is a durable conveyor belt. 

Food processing conveyor belts use superior quality material. It uses high strength polyester fabric as belt core, imported PU material as surface layer. The surface of the belt body has characteristics of anti-sticking, oil resistance, acid-alkali resistance, low temperature resistance, mildew proof and anti-bacterial. The belts are accord with FDA regulation, can direct contact with food, non-toxic, tasteless.


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