Supply:Special Ultrafine powder grinding machine and equipment

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Special Ultrafine powder grinding machine and equipment:


Our company is famous for powder machine manufacture in china.Varied production cover many country in the world because we rich in experience in this field for over ten years.Our machine have been used in chemical industry, mine,argriculture,medicine,pharmacudical,food and so on.We hope the best production give you the best service.

1)Grinding and crush for Combustibles material including phosphorus,gunpowder,phosphorus chemical materials and so on... Our machine will comminute those powder into more fine below 2um.Meanwhile,this machine will be safety to comminute for exploder and combustible materials.And this machine will deal with large quantity production.

2)Grinding and crush for Tough materials including threadlike things such as silk,fiber and so on.

3)Grinding and crush for fresh fruit and fresh plant such as tree,stem,,tea,,lemon,fresh food,fresh agriculture production,fresh chiness medicine and so on.

4)Low cost grinding and crush for nonmetal mine material.

5)Special shape particle powder process machine for special industry powder such as spherical powder,rectangle powder,flake materials.

6)Our company also supplies various Convention grinding and crush machine.

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