Rcc Vs Steel Silos

Posted on 13. Oct. 2007 - 12:53

We had evaluated RCC silos against steel for storage of fly-ash and cement for batching plant project.

For capacities of 100 m3 & 150 m3, steel silo is economical to contruct and move to new location.

But selection of building material will also depend on material required to be stored, method of loading and unloading silos

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Re: Cost Comparison Between Rcc Sils & Steel Silos

Posted on 13. Oct. 2007 - 04:38

Generalisations are just that. Would you consider basic engineering (including rates - or engage a quantity surveyor to supply them, or maybe your client can supply them) and then do a cost analysis (on reasonably well know quantities and rates) to confirm the most appropriate option?



Big Bins For Concrete

Posted on 15. Oct. 2007 - 02:33

Hi folks,

From what I recall the Reinforced Concrete Silos are for the big boys - about 100,000 tons and above. And then the preferred method is to slide the shutters, and to use post tensioned reinforcing [we designed one for the Sugar Industry]. I suspect a similar story would apply in India. By the time you have fabricated sliding shutter for a 200 - 300 tonner, you have just about build the whole vessel for the same cost.

Regards - John.Rz