Partner for supplying dedusting equipment

Posted in: , on 23. Mar. 2007 - 22:26

I am managing director of an engineering and manufacturing company supplying dedusting equipments in Iran. A strong team in electrical, electronic, mechanic, process, civil with intense background in design, manufacturing, erection, start up, maintenance and troubleshooting is helping me in performing different projects. The group have great knowledge in cement, steel ,copper and aluminum production processes as well as manufacturing facilities for cage , venture , pulse on demand controller of baghouses; discharge electrode, collecting electrode,forged hammer,low and high voltage controller ..of ESPs and also,ducting,chimney,conveyors,..

Considering previous experiences on quality and time management, our group is well-known in Iranian industries specially in cement. Now we are looking for an international partner in supply of dedusting equipments. We are sure that the joint can be one of prime leaders in Iran and region.

We believe on long-term relationship and win-win play as well as considering international regulations.

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