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Product Design & Manufacturing from China

Dear Sir and Madam:

We are engineering firm located in south China. We are looking for customers. Our services are cost effective & good quality, especially for low volume production:

a. Product design engineering (quote level design)

General services: computer 3D modeling, design detailing, mechanical & electronic design(functionality), 2D drawings rendering, BOM, tools design ( plastic injection molds or stamping die ) and packing design. If asked, we can also work for conceptual design closely together

with our clients by providing professional practices such as sketching, colors design, aesthetic

design, illustration rendering, etc. We can employ all major CAD software in our works.

b. Prototypes

We serve for prototypes in many ways to fit customer tailored demands. All technical methods

are employed to approach satisfactory effect: CNC, SLA, SLS, laser cutting, RP, carving machine, 3 axles measurements, etc (of course, workmanship is priority). Also, our service is extended for almost all kinds of materials such as rubber, plastics, metals, wood, mud, mockups, stone, etc.

c. Mass production

YADA is experienced in manufacturing project. We qualify the plant, the key equipment, the key vendors in the BOM, the assembly lines and the quality system in the manufacturing sites. More than that, we care every detail which may influence the project other than manufacturing,

like logistics and cash flow.

The capability listed in a, b & c empowers us as a one stop backing service for those small companies around US, Canada & UK. We hope you can write us and tell us the product, design or requirements.

Best Regards!

Allen Ling, Mr.


Phone: 86 755 86058441 FAX: 86058454

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