Optimizing size reduction

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Most articles I have seen on particle size reduction show only how to select which equipment to try. I have found the right equipment to reduce the size of my particles. Now I would like to optimize it using different variables to maximize production and efficiency. Are there any articles that address that and how do I go about getting started?

Optimizing Size Reduction Equipment

Posted on 23. Dec. 2002 - 03:11

Dear Sir:

There are prerequisites to the optimization process:

1. Reason for a certain type of size reduction - shape of reduction curve - later process may need small variance on size range. Below or above a certain size cannnot recover mineral.

2. Strength and shape of feed stock influence a size reduction

3. Criterion for next stage in process of material

4. Throughput - laboratory / production criteria will affect optimization options

5. Type of equipment used may limit optimization options

Usually, the comminution equipment geometry governs the size reduction and distribution. Different size reduction patterns are produced by different comminution machines. Some machines break by compression and some by chipping (impact vs shear).

The resulting cumulative particle size sieve analysis wll vary from machine to machine and with different shapes within a machine.

These factor should be a part of the optimization process.

In addition, if the machine is used for reasonable throughput and operating cost are significant, then the shape selection has optimal trade-offs between power, wear and wear replacement cycle that are factored in the overall profit function.

With no more information to go on, I recommend you visit the following websites:

1. www.infomine.com - portal to much general information

2. www.jktech.com.au - see Mineral Comminution Circuit book. Has a lot of reasonably good info on optimization of various comminution machines. Its, Nov. 2001 old. Some technologies have passed them by. Its is a good primer.

3. www.metso.com - a premier manufacturer of comminution machines with lots of optimization capability in many types of machines.

Consultants and laboratories are present in North America, Australia and South Africa. They can all be found on Infomine or links from the above.

Good Luck

Lawrence Nordell

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.


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Maximising your production capability and efficiency is dependant on the characteristics of the product you are processing, the characteristics of the product you want to produce, and the construction and principle of operation of the milling system you have selected.

Can you give any more details of your process, your product, and the system you have selected?

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Software To Optimise Particle Size Reduction Equipment

Posted on 30. May. 2003 - 06:25

My company, Knowledge Process Software, produces data analysis and performance improvement tools that may be able to help you.

Our methods analyse historical data to determine the variables and disturbances which most affect a particular outcome (in this case particle size). We can produce decision tree models which can tell operators what settings to use to achieve the desired particle size and flow, whilst meeting constraints such as keeping energy use at a minimum.

In fact, we have recently produced an on-line particle size distribution control solution for a mechanical air classifier mill system. The client has stated "the results are well beyond the expectations of the project team - the system has not needed operator intervention, has autostarted using the cruise control function, and self-tuned to the required psd. The quality control records show that particle size analysis results have much tighter psd than are achievable with operator control" They hope that " one day all milling systems will be this good"

Please contact me to see if our systems can solve your particle size reduction problem.

Re: Optimizing Size Reduction

Posted on 2. Jun. 2003 - 07:47

Dear hansende,

In general, the required size and size distribution is governed by the requirement of the process to which the material is subjected. Therefore, in my opinion this ideal requirement needs to be decided first in accordance with the process. To make the matter more clear, suppose coal is burning in boiler, then its size and size distribution requirement will be governed by the specific characteristics of the boiler. If this characteristics are not met with, then there may be incomplete combustion or excess combustion etc.

Having decided the requirement, one looks for the available equipment and options. There may be equipment which exactly fulfills the requirement, but the same are very expensive. Then, one starts investigating overall economy by using slightly cheaper equipment but less optimum performance. Therefore the ultimate decision shall be governed by the compromise in technical requirement and economy. Finally it is the overall economy together with acceptable level of performance governs the decision.

I am not exactly sure whether this answers your question, but it provides a hint about the decision process.


Ishwar G Mulani.

Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor

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