Improving the Density of fine aluminium hydroxide powders

Posted in: , on 4. Jan. 2018 - 11:11

We are in the development of fine aluminium hydroxide powders. we are targeting the particle D50 to be around 1 to 2 Microns by sedigraph method. We will be drying the aluminium hydroxide cake ( 50 % moisture) in oven drier at 80 Deg. C overnight. after drying, we are gettting very low bulk density in the product. The tapped bulk density is around 0.35 to 0.4 g/cc. But we wanted to have tapped bulk density of 0.55 to 0.65 g/cc. Please help me with this.

Biting The Dust

Posted on 6. Jan. 2018 - 05:13

You have not mentioned the official density of anhydrous aluminium hydroxide and I am not going to look it up for you.

So, find that out and then you will be able to see what could be achieved.

Also, please explain the method for transforming the cake into powder form.

Most forum members cannot reliably answer half a question.

John Gateley