Fine milling of ammonium sulphate

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Posted in: , on 13. Jun. 2003 - 05:55

I need to reduce 20 ton / day of ammonium sulphate granulate, 0.5 to 3 mm size, to a fine powder passing 98% through 200 mesh .

What type of mill would give the lowest cost/ton ratio in terms of energy and labor input .

A classifing mill is desirable to avoid subsequent processing.

Fine Milling Of Ammonium Suphate

Posted on 13. Jun. 2003 - 07:30

As you have already hinted at generally an Air Classifier mill is the most energy efficient technique. It also gives you a simple, one system, one pass process to produce a consistent particle size distribution.

There are several companies who can supply such milling systems. if you need any advise on who to approach please contact me by email.

R. Schatz - G&A Industrieanlagen, Germany
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Re: Fine Milling Of Ammonium Sulphate

Posted on 24. Oct. 2003 - 11:29

Dear Sir

Our G&A AIRMILL is suitable to grind ammoniumsulphate in a single step to a fineness of 98% less than 200 micron or even finer.

A classifier is not necessary.

With the AIRMILL technology a classifier is not required

- lower investment costs

- less wear (no recirculation)

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- Rolf Schatz -