Crushing Nickel Concentrate

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I'm interested if anyone has had any good results with a product to crush nickel concentrate.

Nickel Crushing

Posted on 8. Oct. 2002 - 10:21


Can you give some details of the starting size, required final size, and throughput rate so we can advise accordingly?

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Re: Crushing Nickel Concentrate

Posted on 8. Oct. 2002 - 10:33

Starting size will be a possible 36 inches which needs to get reduced to 6 inch minus. The compressive strength is somewhere around 40 psi. Through-put is not a great concern. Just something that will handle the lumps, at a low capacity is fine.

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Dry Powder Classification

Posted on 15. Apr. 2003 - 10:08

We could classify dry powders, including Nickel


The TriboClassifierTM developed and patented ( USA # 6,439,394 B1 and # 6,095,965 ) by “SorTech Separation Technologies LTD” uses a new technology for dry bulk powder process separation and classification.

TriboClassifierTM uses a rotating conical bowl and has a surface roughness and rotational speed calculated to best suit the particular classification requirement.

The TriboClassifierTM is fully enclosed with a small footprint, a very modest power requirement and can process powder at the rate of several kilograms to tons per hour.

SorTech has developed a novel classification process based on triboclassification. The Triboclassifier™ utilized the principal that, if a particle is moving over a surface whose roughness is comparable to the particle size, the apparent coefficient of friction depends on particle size.

The TriboClassifierTM is suitable now for bulk powder with mean particle sizes in the range of 10µm to 300µm.

The company’s experience, earned through extensive research and development on a variety of materials and with different separation objectives, shows that the Triboclassifer can provide solutions to many existing problems.

Adi Mogilevsky, Mr., MBA

Marketing Director

Sortech Separation Technologies Ltd..

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Mobile: +972-67-805-649

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Posted on 24. Jun. 2003 - 10:18

Clemro Western Ltd. is a crusher manufacturer. Our jaws are used throughout Canada crushing precambrium rock in Canada's "Canadian Shield". I have attached some product information for you.


Brent Wheeliker


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