Venturi Design

Posted in: , on 16. Oct. 2003 - 14:10

I have been looking at designing a venturi for pneumatic transportation of flocculant in mixing package.

Are there any good sources for design on this subject?

Has any had any experience in designing venturi and they can show me how they acheived their goal? Is it highly mathematical or have rules of thumb / practice based theory been used?

Re: Venturi Design

Posted on 19. Oct. 2003 - 04:44

Hello Sebastien,

Design of venturis for pneumatic conveying is possible if you have experience in how powders behave. For example, the design will be influenced by mass/air ratio, particle size, geometric dimensions, velocity and so on.

For some more information please visit our website

or send me an email. We have designed and/or sold a lot of ejectorventuris during last 15 years and are very successfull with our different customtailored types of ejectors.

Best regards

Klaus Schneider

Re: Venturi Design

Posted on 20. Oct. 2003 - 05:41

You can use Perry's Chemical Engineering Handbook for the design of the venturi eductors. All you are doing is converting the pressure head into a velocity head. Calculate the exit diameter of the venturi so that the velocity there is at least 10% higher than the material's saltation velocity.


Amrit Agarwal (Tim)

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