Conveying of wheat

Posted in: , on 7. Jun. 2003 - 13:58

We are looking for a pneumatic conveying system for wheat.

This is a typical requirement and not usual one. The distance to be conveyed is ~ 700 mtrs and capacity 600 + TPH in 24" pipeline.

Any ideas on this? For further details reqd., pls. contact on

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Wheat Conveying

Posted on 8. Jun. 2003 - 06:07

Are you sure you want to do it pneumaticly? It will take a lot of energy. When you have a lot of bends, you will have a lot of wear.

With closed tube type belt conveyors there is a lot possible!

Send me a lay out drawing of the track and we can have a look at it.

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Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 9. Jun. 2003 - 04:59

We might be able to provide a pneumatic solution, may we contact you? At what ph #? or you may email us with more specific requirements at and we will provide a quote.

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Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 1. Jul. 2003 - 12:34

For such a long distance I would suggest you consider using a water slurry system. You will prevent attrition of wheat particles and will have a much smaller system than a 24 inch line.


Tim Agarwal

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Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 2. Jul. 2003 - 05:21

Mr. Agarwal,

didn't got your point properly. How the system works? Can you please throw some more light on this.


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Peter Brown
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Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 2. Jul. 2003 - 10:24

I would not have thought it advisable to deliberately mix wheat with water, you usually want to keep it dry?

Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 3. Jul. 2003 - 12:55

You still have to dewater and dry the wheat when you receive it. Seems to be a very expensive option. Even the addition of very small quantities of water (0.25%) for dust suppression purposes is prohibited by most grain handlers. Most put a limit of 12% moisture on receivals.

Michael Reid.

Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 3. Jul. 2003 - 01:05

All of the moisture should be surface moisture. This is normally removed by centrifugal dryers. These dryers can remove surface moisture down to 0.1%.

Tim Agarwal

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biplab K. Datta - POSTEC, Norway
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Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 3. Jul. 2003 - 08:54

Dear Mr. Shah,

I am not sure if you have already got your solution !

However, I am inclined to ask you

1. why you are so specific about 24inch pipe size !

2. is the pipe routing very complicated with lots of bends !!

3. Since the distance is not very long, I would go for stepped piping solution and try to maintain as much dense phase as possible inside the pipeline (in order to reduce the degradation of weat particles)

In case if you feel that we could help you through some Indian counterpart known to us I would be glad to be of assistance!

best regards

Biplab K Datta

Re: Conveying Of Wheat

Posted on 3. Jul. 2003 - 05:09

Dense phase conveying will be necessary if water slurry conveying is unacceptable for wheat. Do not use dilute phase at all. Wheat particles will attrit badly due to the high velocity. Because of the long distance, you will need a stepped pipe line and perhaps drop-out stations also. If you need our help in this design, or of a reputable vendor's help, let us know.


Tim Agarwal

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