Urea production

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currently the conceptional end of designing a urea production plant at the scale of approximately 2000 tonnes/day. The purity needs to be 99.5wt% urea. We are currently looking into the pros and cons of ammonia stripping and carbon dioxide stripping.

Any thoughts at this time will be helpful.

Mike Davis

Amonia synthesis worldwide corp.

Material Flow Of Urea

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dear mr. davis,

though i have no specific answer to your post, i´d like to informe you, that geroldinger is specialiced in storage, discharge, dosage & convey of urea.

i´d like to draw your attention to:

(1) a special live bottom feeder (OSZILLOMAT) which proofed highly applicable for discharging urea out of bunkers, open halls or big silos.

(2) a modular system for storing urea in silo cells - 500 cum each which performances in connection with OSZILLOMAT a perfect closed solution for storage, discharge and dosage of urea - even if dwell time is several weeks

please find enclosed a description of one of our reference plants.

website: www.geroldinger.com

i hope your interested in our solutions and should be glad to support your plannings in any way.

best regards gottfried zinkl


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