Ultra Fine Grinding

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Let me introduce my company:

We are Alarabia for trading and industry we are working for raw plastic material and raw building material.

Now we bought a big factory for grinding material like calcium carbonate. We have 8 tube mills about 20 t/h and 4 ball mills 10t/h.


I think you can help us the find a German company to give us the machines.

I hope to see you face to face in Germany or in Egypt.

Best regards

Eng: Ahmed Saad

General Manager

Mobile: 0020101632442

Tel: 002024178196

Fax : 002024197360

Dry Grinding

Posted on 18. Jun. 2007 - 07:21

Dear Mr. Ahmed Saad,

With high interest we noted your thread.

In our understanding your requirement will be 97% < 1 µm. Please be informed that such fines will be only possible by wet grinding and not by your existing dry grinding mills.

We are the manufacturing company for dry processing plants and wet processing plants as well. We have already an agent for the Egyptian market.

The adress is:

Abu Hijleh Engineering

P.O. Box 254,

Um- Summag 11821

Amman Jordanien

Contact partner:Mr. Mazen Abu Hijleh

Mr. Nidal Abwini

Tel: 00962-655 10914

Fax: 00962-65511763

Email: abu-hijleh@batelco.jo

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or our agent.

Best regards

HOSOKAWA ALPINE Aktiengesellschaft

Dipl.-Ing. Markus Goos Sales and Projects Minerals & Metals Division Tel.: +49-821-5906-389 Fax: +49-821-5906-610 m.goos@alpine.hosokawa.com www.alpinehosokawa.com
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Ultra Fine Grinding

Posted on 19. Jun. 2007 - 10:59

Dear Mr. Saad,

to quote the right grinder, it is needed to know a little bit more about the particles.

Feeding size?

how many particles should be below 1µm (50%, 95%, 97%, 99%)

Then what should be the throughput rate for thze grinder?

Perhaps it is possible to classify after the ball mills most of the ultra fine particle and the fed the rest to a ultra fine grinder.

Please come back for a closer discussion. Unfortunately we do not have yet a representative in egypt, but I'm able to discuss all the matters with you if it is needed.

For further question do not hesitate to contact me.


Harald Gessner

Rodenbacher Chaussee 1

D-63457 Hanau-Wolfgang

Phone: 0049 (0) 6181 - 506 335

Email: harald.gessner@ncx.netzsch.com

P.s.: My Father worked many years in Egypt, Alexandria (from 1987 until 1993) for an egyptian company in Alexandria, so would be nice to come back again to egypt. Nice greetings

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Wrong Phone Number

Posted on 19. Jun. 2007 - 11:05

Dear Mr. Saad,

my phone number is

0049 (0) 6181 506 335

email: harald.gessner@ncx.netzsch.com

Re: Ultra Fine Grinding

Posted on 20. Jun. 2007 - 08:19

Dear Mr. Saad,

PMT-Jetmill is a producer of ultrafine grinding and classifying equipment. Our Jetmills are most suitable for laminar, soft minerals like talc, mica, graphite, etc.

Our classifying systems are capable of producing ultrafine products throughout the whole range of industrial minerals. Due to the patented positive pressure operation the system can be operated with higher shear forces to have the required dispersing abilities to obtain a high yield.

Classifying in this fineness range requires this dispersion to push the efficiency of the classification to an economic level.

With this a yield, even in the finest range of > 50 % can be obtained.

We are looking foward to receiving detailed information on your request like PSD of the feed and final products, requested capacities, etc.

With kind regards,

Dr. Jürgen Roth

Managing Director

PMT-Jetmill GmbH

Industriepark 1

A-8773 Kammern, Austria

Phone: +43 3844 80350 0

Fax: +43 3844 80350 20

e-mail: j.roth@powder-maker.com


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Dry Grinding Unit

Posted on 23. Jun. 2007 - 09:17

Dear Mr. Ahmed Saad,

We thank you very much for your interest in our equipment.

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer of complete micromising plant starting

from crushing unit to micromising.

As regards the classification systems, we have technical collaboration with M/s. IVA Industrieberatung GmbH, Germany.

We have been manufacturing equipments for Calcium Carbonate grinding in our Country since last 12 years. Right now, we have 3 ton per hour - d97 = 8 microns output Ball Mill running continuously.

We have been seen your requirement regarding dry fine grinding to 1 micron particle size. Please note that dry grinding shall not give you d 97 = 1 micron. In this case, we shall have to go through wet grinding mill.

We request you to send us your exact specifications with regards to your requirement of exact particle size and the capacity required for that particle size.

We also request you to send us your all postal address with complete details etc. so that we can communicate better.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,




The Comments On Ultra-Fine Caco3 Powder Grinding From Wuxi China

Posted on 23. Jun. 2007 - 10:53

Dear Mr. Ahmed Saad,

Regarding your inquiry of ultra-fine CaCO3 grinding plant, we have the following comments and experience to share with you.

In China, the similar CaCO3 grinding plants generally would like to get the final products with the fineness: 5 micron: 97%. Among it, the powder less than 2 micron is about 70%.

We made an experiment to get the product on the fineness: less than 2 micron. In 2.2m (diameter) x 6m (length) ball mill, with dry process, the output is only 300kg/hour.

In ultra-fine powder production with dry-process, the key equipments are grinding equipments and classifying equipments. At present, in dry production, it is difficult to use current classifying equipment and technology to get 1 micro final product: 1 micron: 97%. In China, we just can achieve 2 micron: 97% with dry process. We are limited to classifying equipments, instead of grinding equipments.

Please confirm us the fineness of your final products. If possible, we would like to help you to select proper types of equipments.

P.S.: Our experience in ultra-fine CaCO3 powder grinding industry

In 1994 we designed the first super fine powder pulverizing ball mill production line and the Boltless Ball Mill Liners for it in China, which can achieve ideal output on the fineness of finished products with 2Ìm ~ 90Ìm. In µ2.2 x 5.5m ball mill, the capacity is 3.5mt per hour on the fineness between 2Ìm and 10Ìm.

In 2000, we designed the first set of Boltless Liners applied in a super fine powder vibrating mill in China.

In 2003, we manufactured and installed ball mill liners used in the largest super fine powder ball mills for Anhui Guofeng Nonmetal Hi-tech Material Co.(Jiuhua Calcium Co.) in China. Ball-mill-super-fine-powder-grinding process mainly relies on liners.

In 2005, we designed, manufactured and installed Boltless Ball Mill Liners for µ2.2 x 6.5m ball mills for CaCO3 grinding plants in Guangxi province and Henan province. On the fineness of less than 10 micron, the capacity is 4.5mt per hour; On the fineness of less than 2 micron, the capacity is 3.5mt per hour. It has achieved leading level at home and abroad.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Julia Zhu

General Manager Assistant

Wuxi Orient Anti-wear Engineering Co., Ltd.

Add.: Zhongyao, Xishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, 214197, P.R.China

Tel: 86-510-88798440£¬ 88790313

Fax: 86-510-88791954

Website: http://www.anti-wear.com

E-mail: orient@anti-wear.com