Square Wire, Square Mesh Screens

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Posted in: , on 7. Oct. 2003 - 19:38

I am looking for Wire Mesh screens with Square wires for a granulator. Looking for information on where to get them in North America.



Re: Square Wire, Square Mesh Screens

Posted on 13. Oct. 2003 - 08:03

Dear Steve,

Possibly, your question is not very clear. Granulators often means ring hammer impact crusher which has screened bottom plate. This type of crusher is very popular in USA and India for crushing of coal.

Also, there could be separate screen machine before or after the granulator for screening purpose.

So, please clarify which screen portion you are referring to.

It is quite possible that you may be referring to screen for some all-together different type of granulator.

I think your clarification will result into more appropriate / useful response to your query.


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