Silica sand mine and processing plant

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My clients have obtained a license for large Silica sand mine in Saudi Arabia and the primary Geological report quotes the following:

{In the area the deposits are favorably situated for exploitation, and are not obscured by overburden. The sandstone is weakly indurate, and made up of rounded to sub angular grains.

Chemical analysis of 300 composite samples from 90 drill holes in the area indicates:

0.1-0.5 sand fraction of the crushed rock contains 96.3-99.18% SiO2, 0.4-1.98% Al2O3, and 0.1-<0.05% Fe2O3. Measured resources are > 16 billion m3 of sandstone that, after crushing, yield a product containing 59-80% sand grains measuring 0.1-0.5 mm in diameter}.

We are looking to install the processing facilities to produce:

•High qualities Silica sand for glass industry.




•Chemical industry

•Other downstream products

Our targets is to utilize the mine in the maximum and economic fashion.

We are at this time looking for qualified partner to agree with us on the principles, the project outline and frame.


K. Kamal

Re: Silica Sand Mine And Processing Plant

Posted on 29. Jan. 2008 - 11:06

Dear Mr.Kamal,

If you still interested , then pls send us more details to the following e-mail:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Turn Key Industrial Solution Middle East

Re: Silica Sand Mine And Processing Plant

Posted on 23. May. 2009 - 05:33

Dear Kamal,

we are an minerals processing company which are active in Iran, at the moment we are designing a silica sand plant in Iran and have good experiences in this field, we are interested in to negotiate with you about your case. please contact me by


Abbas Alibakhshi

Eng. Dept

Efficient And Low Energy Consuming Screen

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For application as presented by Kamal and Abbas Alibakhshi

you will be interested in very efficient and economic screens for fine screening.

The Ofama VIBRA VPI screener with direct mesh excitation is working within range of 8 – 20G’s while the housing remains still. The power installed is only 2KW per 10 square meter unit.

If interested, please check on and contact me directly or privately.

By the way, I am looking for business partners

Best regards

Kris Matuszewski