Railroad Loading of Iron Ore

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Hello Everybody

I would like to know who has some experience in iron ore loading into railroad cars.

The rated loading capacity will be 4500 t/h for one rail in our project. The train (48 wagons) will be drawn by the locomotive (by others). The types of wagon are standard open ones. The iron ore should be weighed first, then spread evenly into the wagons.

The typical package would include the weigher, the special loading spout, the hydraulic system for all the gates and the spout, the wagon type/number identify system, the controlling system, the upper bin, and the tower structure and so on.

Thanks for any answers.

Zijun Chinn

Dalian, China

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Re: Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 15. Mar. 2003 - 10:25

Mr. Zujin Chin

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. has such experience gained in Brazil loading and unloading trains at large iron ore terminals for CVRD related companies.

If interested please contact:

Dr. Jean-Luc Cornet

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

1111 West Holly St.

Bellingham, WA 98225

email: cornet@conveyor-dynamics.com


Lawrence Nordell

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

email: nordell@conveyor-dynamics.com

Lawrence Nordell Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. website, email & phone contacts: www.conveyor-dynamics.com nordell@conveyor-dynamics.com phone: USA 360-671-2200 fax: USA 360-671-8450

Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 17. Mar. 2003 - 01:53

Mr. Zujin Chin,

Referring to your question, there are quite a few manufacturers across the world, for wagon loading system. I am sure they will contact you for availability of such system. I would like to inform you about certain basic aspects.

The fundamental requirements for good wagon loading system are as below:

1. It should put selected quantity (tonnage) of material into wagon with acceptable / agreed plus / minus tolerance in tonnage (as acceptable to railway).

2. The quantity so loaded into wagon should be symmetrical about x-axis and y-axis of wagon, with material C.G. location tolerance as acceptable to railway.

3. Uniformly distributed material load along wagon length is preferred. Uneven (but symmetrical) load along wagon length should be acceptable to railway, for stresses in wagon frame.

The wagon loading systems can be mainly of following 3 types:

1. Wagon rake is stationary. Wagon loader operating in conjunction with parallel conveyor, travels along rake length and put material into wagons. Wagon loader speed automatically varies so that correct quantity (tonnage) is uniformly put in wagons in single pass.

2. Three or four radial conveyor under storage bins. The wagon rake is stationary when loading takes place. Each radial conveyor, swivels to and fro rapidly, over related wagon and puts the material in repeated passes. Quantity control could be by belt weigher etc. The system ensures even loading. On completion of loading in 3 / 4 wagons, the rake is pulled forward, for positioning new wagons. The system needs locomotive / equal device during rake loading.

3. The system is similar to 2, but weighed quantity of material directly drops into underneath wagons. The loading will not be UDL along wagon length, but could be within acceptable requirement by railways. This need locomotive / equal device during rake loading.

The wagon loading system needs to be absolutely reliable and safe, as over loaded or improperly loaded wagons can result into accidents, and under loaded wagons results into freight loss.

Re: Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 18. Mar. 2003 - 02:22

Dear Zujin Chinn,

I tried to post a detailed response to your enquiry. I do not believe it was delivered by AOL. Please advise an alternative procedure. I can post on this site but cannot send photos.

Lawrence Nordell

Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

email: nordell@conveyor-dynamics.com

Lawrence Nordell Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. website, email & phone contacts: www.conveyor-dynamics.com nordell@conveyor-dynamics.com phone: USA 360-671-2200 fax: USA 360-671-8450
Z.J.Chinn - Dalian CRWCS, PRC
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Re: Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 18. Mar. 2003 - 11:31

Dear Mr. Ishwar G Mulani.,

Thank you for so professional and kind explain.

You are very correct on the fundamental.

There are some other types of loading system I think. One of them was the batch weigher system, including a upper bin, a batch weigher and a tailor-made loading chute/spout. The wagon rake is pulled by a locomotive. This system has been used well for coal in China. The problem is about uniformly distributed material load along wagon length for iron ore, the upper opened wagons in China are 2m high inside you know. But I have heard there is one of the system had be used long time in EMO, Rotterdam. Maybe the wagon type is different.

Another similar system which use the belt scale instead of the batch weigher had been used in Brazil, I have heard. Maybe it was made up by the Conveyor Dynamics, Inc., I am not know.


ZiJun Chinn

Z.J.Chinn - Dalian CRWCS, PRC
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Re: Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 18. Mar. 2003 - 11:33

Dear Mr. Lawrence Nordell,

Thank you again.

Please post the information by DHL, FedEx or any famous company.

Sorry, I am not know about AOL.

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ZiJun Chinn

Re: Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 19. Mar. 2003 - 06:05

Dear ZiJun Chinn,

I am happy to know that you have found the information provided by me on this website, as very useful on this subject. Thanks for your compliment.

The wagon loading system you are referring is possibly of third type mentioned by me. There could be some variants, but in general they may fit into the types described by me.

Well, in engineering world we keep ourselves open, if there is other type also.

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Re: Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 30. Mar. 2003 - 09:03

Dear zijun chinn,

I HAPPENED TO SEE YOUR REQUIREMENT FOR RAIL CAR LOADING OF IRON ORE. May be i have seen this a bit late. We at Merit Technologies - india have done number of Automatic rapid Loading systems for bulk materials. And we have a system called PRE- WEIGH type loading system , which weighs the required quantity and load the material in to the moving rail car. Rail car shd be moving with a speed controlled Locomtive at an ideal speed of .6 to 1 KMPH. The entire system is controlled by PLC and operated by Hydraulics. For IRON ore loading being the bulk density is very high we will have to use a custom designed chute which will travel inside the wagon, load and returns back to the clear position for every wagon. If u are interested u can contact us on the folloing address.



Merit Technologies india ltd

14. Navarathna gardens main road



India - 600097

T.Fax :0091-44-22334099,22331949

Railroad Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 31. Mar. 2003 - 07:25

For elevating the iron ore up to the train loadng bin you should consider our DSI Snake-Sandwich High-Angle Conveyors. These use all coventional conveyor equipment including smooth surface rubber belts that can be continuously scraped clean. These are able to convey large tonnages while saving ground space, compared to conventional conveyors. Please visit our web site to learn more.

Joseph A. Dos Santos, PE

Dos Santos International 531 Roselane St NW Suite 810 Marietta, GA 30060 USA Tel: 1 770 423 9895 Fax 1 866 473 2252 Email: jds@ dossantosintl.com Web Site: [url]www.dossantosintl.com[/url]

Rail Road Loading Of Iron Ore

Posted on 4. Apr. 2003 - 10:11

Dear Mr.Zujin Chinn,

One information I can give you in this regards.

In INDIA NMDC at BAILADILA, M.P , they load iron ore in the stationary wagon by swevelling loader arm atop the rail-way. The loader arm is provided with belt scale for weightment.


Atanu Banerjee

M.N. Dastur & Co .P. Ltd.



Load Out Stations

Posted on 4. Apr. 2003 - 10:55


We design and build load out stations as well as major materials handling systems with conveyors.

The last one we did was the big one for the expansion to the Sishen Iron ore mine here in South Africa.

Our details are as follows:

LSL Consulting (inc)

PO Box 3609

Randburg 2125




Graham Spriggs

Iron Ore Loading

Posted on 10. Apr. 2003 - 08:46

Dear Zijun Chinn,

We at ENEXCO in India are supplying Bulk Loading Systems with M/s Bayshore Steels USA.

In fact, we have supplied quite a few systems similar to what you are looking at, for loading of clinker.

We are in a position to supply you the system. The system shall have Hydraulically operated Opening and closing gates and will be PLC based Control System.

For more details, please contact us at enexco@vsnl.com or at the followiing telephones

Telephone 00 91 11 2669 2847-50

Telefax 00 91 11 2669 1543


B - 17, Geetanjali Enclave,

New Delhi,


120 017.

With Kind Regards.



Sr. Manager - Marketing