Punta Chungo - Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

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Punta Chungo - Minera Los Pelambres Port facilities,

cleaning and copper concentrate recovery system

Our company is developinig above project.

This system shall be erected under a turn key contract (including design, enginiering, equipment and materials supply, construction and start-up).

Do you have a rep or dealer in Chile whom we can contact?

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Best regards,

Carlos Arellano C.

Gerencia de Ingeniera

Grupo Ahumada

Directo 445 2107

Mobil 09-432 7960

Fax 445 2123

Ahumada 11, 11 th floor

Santiago, Chile


Punta Chungo, Cleaning And Copper Concentrate Recovery System

Posted on 26. May. 2002 - 09:18

Dear Sir,

We are interested in what contributions we can make to the success of your project. We are not in a position to offer a turnkey system but we offer innovative conveying equipment that could prove advantageous, especially for elevating bulk mateials at high angles. This will save plant space.

We offer the DSI Snake Sandwich High-Angle conveyor for all of your high-angle conveying needs. Additionally, for very tight spaces, we offer, through partnership, the Snake EL Series (for lower through-put rates).

Please visit our website, http://www.dossantosintl.com , to view the high-tech products and services of Dos Santos International.

Joseph A. Dos Santos PE

Dos Santos International 531 Roselane St NW Suite 810 Marietta, GA 30060 USA Tel: 1 770 423 9895 Fax 1 866 473 2252 Email: jds@ dossantosintl.com Web Site: [url]www.dossantosintl.com[/url]

Re: Punta Chungo - Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 02:58

Good Day Carlos

I have passed your details to our Chilean office in Santiago.

Our contact is Cesare Celle


San Sebastian 2839

9th Floor, Las Condos

02 430 2609

Regards Steve Davis

Consultant Materials Handling

Gear Boxes

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 03:29

we can offer you shaft mounted speed reducers and transmission products for yoour project

We do not have an office in chile

contact us at

involute tooling corporation

13 jorbagh



email : involute@vsnl.com

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Re: Punta Chungo - Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 08:45

Dear Mr. Carlos: We are an engineering & manufacturing industry. Products covering almost all the sectors.

Could you please tell us or send us relevant informations/ technical scope abot this project; so that we may identify our business interest & inform you accordingly.We dont have any office in Chile.

You may visit our website to asses our capabilities:



With warm Regards


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Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 09:43

Dear Sir,

Please find attached some details as first information about PROTEGO - the company and the products.

Under the trademark PROTEGO the company Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH since half a century is a competent and reliable supplier of Flame Arresters and Safety Relief Valves. We are A-grade listed at numerous major chemical and petrochemical industries for safety in storage, production, operation and handling of flammable liquids and combustible vapors and gases.

Offering the global service is our commitment to our customers world-wide.

Besides the "hardware" our range of supply includes all documentations including priced and unpriced bids and technical documentations. The operating manuals and maintenance instructions etc. are available in English language as a minimum. We are familiar with the corresponding standards of ANSI, general testing and inspection procedures in acc. to ASME, ASTM-materials , NFPA regulation etc. Our QA/QC is ISO 9001 certified, the environmental management certification is also certified. For many years we have been supplying valves in accordance with API 2000 and API 527. We are approved manufacturer for pressure vessels according to ASME VIII. 1 to be supplied with U-stamp.

More information you get on our web-site at http://www.protego.com.

We have best capabilities to participate in the bidding for your projects.

Our local representative

Ingenieria Desimat Ltda.

Av. Puerto Vespucio 9670

Lotea Industrial Puerto Santiago

RCH- Pudahuel-Santiago

phone: ++56 - 2 - 7 47 01 52

fax: ++56 - 2 - 7 47 01 53

e-mail: thebel@desimat.cl

contact: Mr. Theodor Hebel

is trained for technical assistance during engineering. Qualified After

Sales Service and Maintenance is guaranteed through the local service

stations contracted by our local rep's and trained by us.

We are absolutely convinced that our products are competitive and offer

advantages compared to those of the actually listed bidders - considering

product, technical support, quality and economic aspects. PROTEGO flame

arresters and PROTEGO pressure/vacuum relief valves do have a "high

performance" - operationally and safety-technically.

Where the market is open to all relevant standards for type approved flame

arresters we present the comprehensive European standard CEN/PTB as well as the equivalent US acceptance issued by USCG, UL and FM. Detonation flame arresters have been tested successfully in accordance with the USCG standard and have been accepted. We will go on with deflagration flame arresters and endurance burning arresters in accordance with the installation requirements for end-of-line applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Representative or us directly for any

further information or assistance.

Kind regards

Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH

Claudia Neddermeier

phone: ++49 - 5307 - 809 129

fax: ++49 - 5307 - 7824

e-mail: claudia.neddermeier@protego.de

Cleaning Copper Recovery System

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 04:19

Querido Chunta,

Walinga offers a Central Vac System that may meet your requirements.

Please contact our local representatives,

Mr. Daniel Simonan - Haogenplast Argentina

C.C.91 C1425FFJ-Buenos Aires

Phone: (0054) 11 4771-8718

(0054) 11 4832-9743

Fax: (0054)11 4833-7716

Celular: 15 5808-7083

E-Mail: agri-vac@lvd.com.ar

or in

CHILE - 9na. y 10ma. regin Ferosor Agrcola S.A.

Los Carrera 643 - OSORNO Tel. (064)233771 Fax (064)232294

E-MAIL: restevez@ferosor.cl





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Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 06:23

Dear Mr. Arellano,

Alexanderwerk is a machine manufacturer of compaction and granulation

equipment. Our main task is to supply equipment and technology to convert

powderous materials into free flowing granules. Should your process include

such a step we shall be pleased to offer our corresponding supplies and

services. Should you have a process flow diagram available we would like to

see it in order to find ot wether we could be of help.

Thanks again for your inquiry

Yours faithfully Alexanderwerk AG

Hendrik Thomsen


Casey Price - ContiTech USA
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Punta Chungo - Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

Posted on 27. May. 2002 - 06:37

Dear Sir:

ContiTech is a manufacturer of high-performance, textile and steel cord reinforced conveyor belting. We work with all the engineering and construction firms worldwide. Perhaps we can assist you in locating a good partner for this project.

Please advise.


Casey Price

Re: Punta Chungo - Minera Los Pelambres Port Facilities

Posted on 28. May. 2002 - 12:33

Dear Sir,

The vibrating floor is a very palatable solution for the complete reclaiming and clean-up of silos.

Automatic, maintenance free, very low power consumption, moderate investment cost are its main comparative advantages.

Please do take a look at www.silexport.fr

We shall welcome any inquiry related to your project.


Jean-Claude Poncet