Pneumatic Conveying System

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Posted in: , on 11. Jul. 2002 - 10:11

I am currently working on a PE & PP project involving a Pneumatic Conveying

System, Feeder System, Additive & Bulk Bag (Jumbo Bag) and 25 kg bag

Unloading System.

Please provide the following info:

1) Feeder System

- Loss in Weight Feeder

- Screw Feeder

2) Bag unloading system

- Jumbo Bag (1 ton)

- 25 kg bag


Rocky Low

Technip Geoproduction (M) Sdn. Bhd.

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Re: Pneumatic Conveying System

Posted on 5. Dec. 2002 - 01:10

Dear Sir

Our Office in Malaysia will contact you very shorty in connection with the above application.

best regards


Nu-Con limted

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