Moisture Measurement in Gelatine Capsules

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Posted in: , on 9. Oct. 2003 - 11:59

Dear Sir,

We are a manufacturer of gelatine capsules and would request you to offer a system for an online measurement of moisture content in the capsules produced.

Please let us know an offline system in case an online system is not available with your organisation.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

for SciTech Centre,

C. K. Malhan

Moisture In Gelatine Capsules

Posted on 10. Oct. 2003 - 03:36

We should be able to assist you with this if you have not already found a solution our company manufacture NIR moisture analysers fior this purpose. Please visit for info on our products. If you wish to advise your address and contact details I will have a local rep contact you.


Sean Herrington

Manager, Asia Pacific

Moisture Measurement In Gelatine Capsules

Posted on 10. Oct. 2003 - 02:47

Dear Sir,

I guess we are able to do the measurement with our microwave moisture measurement system.

Please let us know your e-mail address so we can send you our questionaire in order to get the technical data.

Best Regards

Gerhard Kappler

Re: Moisture Measurement In Gelatine Capsules

Posted on 10. Oct. 2003 - 02:48

Dear Mr. Malhan,

thank you very much for your interest in our products. We would like to inform you, that we are manufacturer of online and offline moisture measuring systems based on microwave technology.

First of all we should analyse the measureabiltiy of your product. A bucket full with a random sample of your product would be enough for our tests. Furthermore please let us know the moisture range, temperature range as well as the requested installation place of the sensor (a sketch would be very helpful).

We are looking forward to receive your sample and please do not hesitate to contact us for any open questions or further informations.

In the meantime we are remaining

with best regards

i.o. Bernd Hochstätter

Andreas Ludwig

- managing director -



Please send the sample to following address:


Z.Hd.Herr Bernd Hochstätter

Budenheimer Straße 1

D - 55124 Mainz, GERMANY

We would like to invite you to visit our homepage( to get a general

overview of our products, measuring method and some installation possibilities.

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Your Request

Posted on 13. Oct. 2003 - 11:35

Dear Mr. Malhan,

please could you let us know a few more details about the form of your samples and the expected range of moisture.

best regards

Dietmar Denker

Oxford Instruments GmbH


Otto-von-Guericke Ring 10

65205 Wiesbaden

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Re: Moisture Measurement In Gelatine Capsules

Posted on 13. Oct. 2003 - 02:04

Dear C. K. Malhan,

We have already supplied measurement solutions for your application and would be pleased to discuss this further. Please resend your message to our indicating your country and we'll be happy to deal with your request.


James Millard

Marketing Manager - Sensors

NDC Infrared Engineering

Bates Road




Direct Tel +44 (0)1621 878121

Mobile +44 (0)7808 569435

Switchboard Tel +44 (0)1621 852244 EXT. 287

Fax +44 (0)1621 856180 <>

Moisture On-Line For Moisture Measurement In Gelatine Capsules

Posted on 16. Oct. 2003 - 04:49

Dear Sir,

You can get a very good solution to your problem by contacting Indutech at the following e-mail

Or see their website at

Best Rgds,

Phil Cancilla,

Heath & Sherwood (1964) Limited

Phillip A. Cancilla, Sales & Marketing Manager Heath & Sherwood (1964) Limited Website: <> Mobile:(905) 302-6684 Office: (905) 275- 2906 ext 22
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Moisture Measurement

Posted on 23. Oct. 2003 - 10:25

Dear Mr. Malhan,

The company Döscher & Döscher is specialised in measuring systems based on microwaves. We have developed a brand new measuring system the - density independent 2 parameter method. The advantages of the System are:

fast and accurate moisture measurement

measuring the surface- and core moisture

no influence from colour, light or density

long-term stability of measurement

We would be pleased if you are interested in the MoistureScan System and have attached a brochure. Please feel free to visit our website for further informations.

Best Regards

Jörn Döscher

Döscher & Döscher GmbH

Hamburg / Germany


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