Posted on 20. Jul. 2007 - 07:48

You may want to look into using HOLO-FLO units as an alternative for calcining gypsum. It is essentially a hollow flight design allowing the heat transfer medium to circulate around the flights and stem pipe. In your case, there is an indirect heat exchange between the product and heat transfer medium. The screws and jacketed housing are heated to the required calcining temperature. The equipment may be made from stainless steel or carbon steel material. Many gypsum manufacturers are already using hollow flight design. If you want to send your application info, I maybe able to help you with sizing estimates. Please send it to

Rotary Kiln

Posted on 2. Aug. 2007 - 06:40

I saw this ad in the thread at the bulk forum.

Do you have this need?

Do you have any budget or lay out of the plant on your plans.

Do you have pre project or a green field project?

I can quote to you base on your installation plant.

I need to know, feeders capacity, raw material feeder capacity, what type of process do you want, dry process or wet process.

Do you need a precalcination tower?

What type of burner do you have or are you willing to use.

I like to know material blane. Do you have raw meal mills?

Please let me know,

I appreciate your cooperation,

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Pedro Gutierrez




Re: Looking For Rotary Kiln

Posted on 2. Aug. 2007 - 08:35

Dear pegusamail.

Thank you for your interest. Let me work on the answers of these questions.


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Re: Looking For Rotary Kiln

Posted on 15. Jul. 2009 - 11:08
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Dear Sirs and friends;

We need a rotary kiln of 25 tph capacity for gypsum calcination. Please post a message here for your propositions.




Dear Sir,

We are detail design engineering, manufacturing and supplies the following items : Pilot burner for cement rotary kiln, pumping unit, furnace oil heater, oil tankages, high velocity ( hotwork ) burner for refractory and castable heat-up and dry-out, hot air generator, air blowers, thermo-couple, hydraulic flexible hoses / tubes etc., and many more

Please send us detailed enquiry as above mentioned in your requirement.

Best regards,

Re: Looking For Rotary Kiln

Posted on 15. Jul. 2009 - 12:51

I need technical data to give a proposal.

Please send it to



The calcinier which I will give you, have several successful references on calcinations gypsum world-wide (including Knauf).

Just for your estimation for standard 25 tph application budget is around 350-400.000 Euro for set of “burner + hot air generator + calciner” (except cooler); this is Ø2.600x20.000 drum and 5.000 kW (burner Weishoupt - Germany).

Bu I need your data first for exact proposal.



+ 90 533 688 33 30


enc_drying (PDF)

Your Kiln

Posted on 15. Jul. 2009 - 03:44


We noticed your requirement for a Gypsum Kiln. Perhaps we can assist. We are pleased to offer a Surplus Carbon Regeneration Kiln(gypsum), Year 1995, recently shutdown. SHipping Dimensions; 362"Lx106"Hx133"W. Unit is removed and available for sale.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.


Al Goodmundson

Phone Canada (306)-664-7260