Inquiry for Rubber Belt Conveyors

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Posted in: , on 20. Aug. 2002 - 10:06

Dear Sir,

We ask you kindly to give us all information about the following rubber belt conveyors:

1- 300 mtr with 110 cm width

2- 300 mtr with 60 cm width

3- 500 mtr with 65 cm width

Here is some information you will need:

* number of plies is 4

* strength of belt is 440

* top and bottom cover thickness as standard

* belting compound standard

* thickness not less than 10 mm and closed from both sides for plies.

Please send us your best price, arrival time, payment conditions, C.I.F Alexandria, Egypt.

We are waiting for your early reply.

Best regard,

Ahmedali Mohamed

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