Dry Coal Screening

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We at Imperial Technologies are working to finalize the design to build portable dry processing plants featuring our Accelerator to process run-of-mine coal (ROM) as it comes from the mine, leaving the oversize material at the face or in the pit.

We want to work with a company experienced is dry coal screening that has hands-on experience with coal and coal impurities that tend to blind conventional screens. Fire clay, is a parting/binder that is apparent in the coal seams or between coal seams in West Virginia and Kentucky that causes screen blinding. This is our primary market for the Accelerator that we are pursuing.

Please visit our website: http://www.imperial-technologies.com and review the Accelerator and other Imperial products.

Imperial's Accelerator is designed to reduce deep-mined and surface-mined coal to a uniform 2" product, where we process the +2" x 12" run-of-mine coal (ROM) to a 2" x 0 product but leave the +2" draw-rock, shale, slate and other impurities.

Two screening machines are required for the portable plant. The first screen is a scalper to remove the minus 1 1/2" prior to the Accelerator. The second screen will be the finished product screen after the Accelerator to remove the oversized refuse (plus 2"material). The finished product (2" x 0) is a sized, higher quality coal product.

As you know, coal processing/preparation plants are not designed to wash coal, but are designed to separate and remove rejects/non-coal impurities. Coal processing (cleaning) begins as the coal is being mined and by the equipment and method used to mine the coal. The cleaner the coal comes from the mines... the easier it is to process/blend and ultimately sell with higher BTUs at a better price.

The Accelerator is a variable speed impact breaker that can take advantage of how coal is formed with distinct fracture planes. It works on the principle of coal friability that the coal is more friable than that of the non-coal impurities. This is the case in the eastern coal fields in W.Va. and Kentucky. The Accelerator accelerates the plus 2" run-of-mine coal to the minimum velocity required to fracture the coal to a uniform 2" product without breaking the more dense, less friable non-coal impurities.

The Accelerator finished product is void of +2" reject material, eliminating the need for additional crushing. Draw rock, shale, sulfur partings, tramp iron, etc., are removed by final screening. Processing at the mine will eliminate the cost of hauling the +2" reject from the mines to preparation plants, or may allow blending or direct sale of coal without the need for further processing.

If additional processing is required due to impurities in the -2" split, coal processing plants can benefit from increased efficiency by not having to crush or "wash" the +2" reject removed from the plant feed by the Accelerator. Less reject to wash means more coal can be processed. It also results in less wear and tear on plant equipment, as well as the associated maintenance costs. These benefits, combined with not having to re-handle additional wet refuse, add up to lower cost per ton of coal produced.

The Accelerator improves the raw coal quality as compared to crushing alone. Crushers and mineral sizers do not improve the ROM quality, they just reduce the total raw feed to a specific size for further processing.

Rotary breakers operate on the drop-shatter principle and are not very efficient on hard grind coals, or frozen coal. The Accelerator and screen combination processes hard and soft grind coals to a 2" x 0 product.

Accelerators are operating "day-in and day-out" in front of coal processing plants pre-cleaning and efficiently sizing ROM coal before washing or direct blending.

Please give me a call or email me after your review, if you are interested.

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Please visit us at www.smico.com or e-mail me with more details on what we can do for you on this. We have 70+ years experience in the screening and separation industry to assist you in this matter. Thanks again and have a great day!!!

Dry Coal Screening

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Please advise your production requirements. The cubic yards that will pass over the scapling screen. What approximate percentage will pass through the screen (1-1/2"minus).

I represent a company called Clemro Western Limited. Clemro is Canada's leading manufacturer of mining and aggregate equipment. We manufacture jaw crushers, cone crushers, incline and three shaft horizontal screens, vibratory grizzly feeders, belt feeders, control tower/power vans, radial stackers, conveyors, idlers, and pulleys.

I have attached a file. Please contact me for more information.


Brent Wheeliker

email: brentw@clemro.com


psi clemro intro (ZIP)