Contract Drying of Minerals

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Mobile Drying of large tonnage minerals such as sand, salts, or materials of equal particle size

I am looking at drying solutions at various sites around the world, of vast quantities of various materials such as sands, salts, powders & minerals, in all sorts of market sectors.

The issues are as follows:-

1. Drying solutions need to be mobile.

2. I am looking for contract drying services all around the world.

3. Tonnages per hour to be dried 25 - 200 tonnes.

4. All the contracts will use local labour, therefore training required.

5. Only source of energy to the sites will be electricity, or generators.

6. Range of moisture contents before processing up to 50%, with moisture content to be reduced down to 5 - 15%.

7. Tonnages range from 400,000 tonnes - 1.5m tonnes.

8. Sites coudl range from mining sites through to industrial storage facilities.

Reason for reducing moisture content:-

1. Transportation from sites to manufacturing facilities - we do not want to transport excess moisture, thus reducing carbon footprint & also costs.

2. Dried product is cheaper, and environmentally friendlier to process to extract key minerals, as we can reduce our energy usage at the manufacturing premises.

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This is a service we can offer, with the moisture content reduction indicated, with the tonnages given, and the site restraints as suggested.

Just a couple of queries regarding your enquiry:-

1. the moisture content - is it free surface moisture or integral / inherent moisture. Integral or inherent moisture generally needs a heat source, and this may be an issue from a mobility perspective.

2. How is the material going to be fed into the drying solution, or is that the cntractors responsibility.

3. How is the material going to be transported after processing?

4. Site access whether at a mining site, or in an industrial area, what is teh smallest vehicle that could be used for access.

5. How would you like this services quoted? Rate / per tonne of each product type, and moisture content reduction.

This is a great idea for reducing transportation costs, and carbon footprint, there must be millions of tonnes of moisture being transported around the world.

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We would offer the LamiFlo drying solution which in this case to be vehicle mounted for mobility, which will reduce surface moisture content, on materials, such as sand, minerals, coal, & powders.

These units can be supplied to any site where an articulated vehicle coudl gain access. The moisture content reduction will have an impact on the number on units required.

Client is reposnsible for supply of electricity, local labour (which we would train), we would supply one full time operatiosn manager, and containers for processed material.

Depending on the moisture content reduction up to 200 tonnes per hour could be processed, but this has to be project specific. shows the principles involved.

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I thank you for the swift response.

1. the moisture content will be free surface moisture.

2. the wet material is to be fed into the drying solution with a jcb or shovelled type tractor, into a hopper or conveyor to feed the drying solution - This needs to be your responsibility, unless there is a jcb/tractor on site.

3. Transportation of processed material is either containers, or bulk delivery vehicles depending on the site, could also be staright into train waggons.

4. All site will have access for articulated or bigger vehicles

5. each material, each site, and the moisture content reduction will need a rate per tonne.

Some of my materials are being transported from europe to China, or from australia to USA, with its moisture content to the cost of carbon fuels for transporting, and financial costs as well.

This potentially is a massive saving depending on your costs, which according to your website are extremely economic. The figures quoted on your website are running cost of the drying equipment, i assume.

Pls could you send me prices for sand, coal, and sand size materials, reducing moisture from 38% down to 12% as a rate per tonne, based on your being self sufficent exc containers, local labour, and electricty supply.

Tonnage 100 tonnes per hour.

Pls coudl you advise energy usage of such as system?

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Based on sand type material and reducing the moisture content from 38% down to 12% approximate, we would need a mobile system based on 3 articulated vehicles, each individual system being indentical to the next, 1st feeding, into the 2nd, then the 3rd.

If the starting moisture content were to be less i.e. 25 - 30% approx then one of the units could be removed i.e use 2 vehicles back to back.

Energy usage of all 3 units in total 620kWh.

Based on 100 tonnes per hour of material processed.

I will email you to quote a ball park figure as a rate per tonne, previous experience has suggested substantial savings in transport costs, by using this system, over and above the rate per tonne of processed material.

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You may want to investigate using "HOLO-flo" Screw Dryers. These are screw type heat exchangers used in many applications including the drying requirements you had mentioned. I invite you to visit our website at to see what we offer.

These type of dryers are economical, compact and efficient way of drying bulk materials without product degradation and contamination.

If you find our equipment useful to your application, please send me an email at so we can assist you in your design requirements.

Jig Nicdao


Contract Drying Of Minerals

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Dear Sir;

I would like to offer our services based on the premises that Columbia, has a good dry environment.

Seaports in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

Please let me have your specifications plans or any other information that may help you to understant our services.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Pedro Gutierrez