Keeping Conveyor Belts on Track

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PT Max™ Puts Steel Plant Back on Track

Keeping Conveyor belts on track at JSW Steel Limited, Toranagallu

by Suresh Balachandran



JSW Steel is the largest private sector and India’s third largest steelmaker equipped with the most modern, eco-friendly steel plants with the latest technologies for both upstream and downstream processes. The Company plans to produce 32 MTPA steel by 2020.

JSW is part of US $15 billion O.P. Jindal Group. It has grown to US$ 9 billion in little over a decade and has presence across various sectors – Steel, Energy, Minerals, Port and Infrastructure, Cement, Aluminum.


Belt mistracking challenges in conveyor system handling coal, dolemite and Sinter in blast furnace.


PT Max™


To eliminate swaying of conveyor belts resulting in premature belt failure and to provide a solution that not only increases the life of the belt but also reduces the spillage.

Conveyor Detail

Belt carrying pellet, sinter, coal, dolemite, limestone, and quartzite. Conveyor belt 900 m long, 2000 mm wide and the speed is 2 m/s.


The largest integrated private steel manufacturer in India in terms of installed capacity had a problem with belts mistracking, causing spillage and belt damage. The main challenge was with the BFC3 belt carrying iron ore, sinter, coal, dolomite, limestone and quartzite from bins to the blast furnace. The Plant manager requested a solution that not only increased the life of the belt but also reduced the spillage.

Heavy Duty Solution

Flexco Application specialist conducted a conveyor audit on the mistracking belt and recommended PT Max™ our heavy duty tracking system to resolve the problem. Flexco PT Max™ is a heavy duty belt trainer that features a patented “pivot and tilt” design. This unique feature allows the unit to react instantly and compensate for bet misalignment. Conventional belt trainers tend to only pivot, but PT Max™ trainers also tilt to bring belts back in line faster. Sensor rollers allow for a predetermined degree of misalignment, typically less than 25 millimeters. Once the conveyor belt moved beyond this limit, twin sensor rollers engage the belt edge, causing the top frame to initiate a pivot and tilt action.


The pivoting action immediately triggers a corresponding tilting action which increases the tension in the belt on the side that is mistracking, consequently reducing the tension on the opposite side. The resulting uneven tension causes the belt to move back to center.

The PT Max™ works on belts that mistrack to one side or both side and, the trainer works well both in dry and wet conditions. The system pivots on a unique, fully-enclosed spherical bearing made of surgical stainless steel, that doesn’t require lubrication. The bearing life of each of these belt trainers is backed by a five-year “No-Risk” performance guarantee.

The plant manager ordered Six PT Max™ HD Return Side 84” and four PT Max™ HD Top Side 84”.

Location of PT Max™: Installed one PT Max™ 6 meters from the drive pulley towards the discharge end direction. Second PT Max™ was placed 15 meters from the tail pulley towards the head drum direction. We kept around 60 meters between PT Max’s as the load on the PT Max™ was high. Totally 1 carrying and 2 return PT Max was installed.

Result: After completion of installation a trail run was executed and we observed a local belt tracker was hindering the performance of PT Max™. After removal of the local tracking system achieved a seamless flow of material on a perfectly centred belt. Mr. Muniswamy, Senior Manager, comments “We are happy with the performance of Flexco’s product, we guess our wait has come to an end”.


Below are a few Flexco products that are recommended for mistracking issues.

Belt Positioner™

A simple, reliable solution for belts that consistently mistrack to one side of the conveyor, the Belt Positioner uses simple angled rollers to continuously funnel the belt into the correct path.

PT Max™ Top Side

Unique “pivot and tilt” action delivers superior belt training performance that makes it easy to keep even the most troublesome belts on track and on the job permanently.

PT Smart™

Employs our patented “pivot and tilt” design in a more economical and standard trainer. A continuous solution to mistracking problems that cause damage to the belt and conveyor structure— at an affordable price.

PT Max™ Return Side

PT Max™ has a proven reputation for long-term positive results - especially where conventional belt trackers.

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