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Re: Can U Help?

Posted on 28. May. 2003 - 05:26

Your are presenting unsufficient information.

Please give technical details about your project

and identify your company if you want to receive

worthwhile information.

Reihard H. Wöhlbier

Re: Can U Help?

Posted on 29. May. 2003 - 07:14


You have many options available to you.

Do you wish to have this as a self-unloader (i.e. the conveyors are installed in the ship and recieve the bulk material from under the holds) or a shore mounted unloader?

If you provide more details, you are likely to receive a number of responses.

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anders elias
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Vertical Belt Conveyor

Posted on 9. Jun. 2003 - 11:55

We may be able to help you as we make a folded belt system to allow transfer free ship loading or unloading of sized dry bulk commodities.

please send additional information to us and we will reveiew what we can suggest.

Re: Can U Help?

Posted on 11. Jun. 2003 - 07:19


You have mentioned that you are looking for a new conveyor for ship unloader. Does this imply that you have the ship unloader and you are replacing the existing conveyor by new conveyor? In this case, you are looking for a source of supply.

Alternatively, you may be designing the ship unloader and wish to have vertical conveyor as a part of the system.

Both the situations will demand altogether different kind of approach at your end. Please clarify.


Ishwar G Mulani.

Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor

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