Box-type Bags Needed

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Posted in: , on 24. Apr. 2009 - 10:39

Der Suppliers,

our Co. looking for reliable Supplier of box-type bags and may be in

future AD*STAR bags for one of our Client in Russia.

I attach a draft of necessary bags. Please observe it and porive me

with your prices & comments to In your letter in topic please stay: "box-type bags".

Thank you,



draft (DOC)

Re: Box-Type Bags Needed

Posted on 24. Apr. 2009 - 01:10

Do you need Polypropylene bag ?

What is the usage of bags ?

Required quantity ?

Please also mention destination port ?

Please note that we are largest supplier of Polypropylene bags usually for packing of cement, fertilizer, sugar and chemicals. we will forward you more details after knowing about your demand.

Order after approval of sample.

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Re: Box-Type Bags Needed

Posted on 24. Apr. 2009 - 01:13

Dear Sir,

1. Yes we are need pp bag

2. Usage - to carry chemical product without any class of danger

3. one 20" container monthly (33% each box-type of bag in container)

4. Port - Novorossiysk, Russia.

Please see your e-mail.