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Process Controls for Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pipeline Conveying Systems

Written by Schmitz, E. edited by mhd on 6. Oct. 2023
Due to the high investment costs involved in the installation of hydraulic and pneumatic conveying systems associated control systems should have a high degree of availability. High grade open and closed-loop control and monitoring systems are a decisive prerequisite for this. This paper deals specifically with the application of such controllers to the control and monitoring tasks relating to long distance solids transportation pipeline systems.

Hydraulic solids conveying systems for bulk materials such as ore and coal are mostly conceived as long-distance transport systems.

On the other hand pneumatic conveying systems are predominantly used for the purpose of direct materials handling or of transport within production sequences.

The tasks to be fulfilled by the control technician differ depending on the system to be used.

In the one case the most important aspects are the particular characteristics of long-distance transport and in the other case, emphasis must be placed on integration into the necessary production sequences.

In the case of long-distance transport, the technical problems to be solved are similar to those known in the fields of oil and gas pipelines or long distance belt conveyor systems.

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