Big bag filling machine under N2

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Please provide your offers for the following enquiry :

Big Bag Filling Machine for packing granule in 1 Ton jumbo bags .

- Product : granules of 1-2 mm particle size

- bulk density : 600kg/m3

- bagging capacity : max.10 T/Hour

- Spec of bags : 1000kg PP with internal PE liner

- Big bag filling machine should be able to work under nitrogen (N2)atmosphere , completely sealed .

- Parts in touch with product stainless steel 316L.

- product dust is explosive , so all components need to be explosion proof .

- Hazardous Area Zone 1

- Conveying equipment to move the product to the big bag filling machine.

- Pallet conveyor

- Pallet traffic control

- Dust collector

- Pallet Magazine / pallet dispenser - capacity = 20 x wooden pallets

For further details , please contact me at

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Big Bag Filling Machine

Posted on 29. Dec. 2007 - 08:44

Dear Ms. Jamshidi,

We are representatives for Technipes - the leading Italian manufacturer of bag filling equipment and systems. We have the capability to produce what you require for your application. Please forward any additional project details you wish to disclose, and indicate what we could provide you with at this point?... i.e. basic/general information and brochures, or formal proposal, etc.

Thanks and regards,

Ilario Cordano

Cordano Packaging Engineers, LLC

Re: Big Bag Filling Machine Under N2

Posted on 13. Jan. 2008 - 08:31

Ms Jamshidi,

We can assist witht he bulk bag filler and the infeed conveying system. If the garanule permits the use of a vacuum conveying system, this will make it easier for eliminating the O2 and replacing it with N2 (we'll need a pregassing chamber). The bag filling system will be enclosed and the N2 content monitored. A N2 exhaust will have to go direvtly to outside.

All electrical equipment will be Eexd rated. Depending of your requirements we can ptovide the wole system. or eventually the complete design for local manufacturing. Any further details regarding your application will be appreciated such as maerial data sheets, plant layout, detailed scope of supply.


George Nastase

Re: Big Bag Filling Machine Under N2

Posted on 15. Jan. 2008 - 12:22

Dear sir,

We are a leading company in manufacture of bagging machines, we can make the machine you need, please send data sheet and chemical analysis of the desired material to be bagged to :-

for more information please see our web site at :-



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