Vibrasonic Deblinding Systems

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Russell Finex, the original inventor of ultrasonic mesh deblinding systems, has been awarded a patent for its unique Vibrasonic Spiroscreen®.

By eliminating mesh blinding, this revolutionary design enables powders to be sieved on finer meshes with more accuracy and at higher capacities than ever before, even on large diameter screens. This increases the value of the screened powders as well as improving the quality of the final products they are used to manufacture.

The Vibrasonic Spiroscreen® uses a spiral shaped ultrasonic distribution element to provide maximum control of powders on the mesh screen, thereby increasing its effectiveness in separating different sized particles. The screen is driven by a finely tuned Russell Finex Vibrasonic control unit, incorporating technology proven over the last 30 years. The combination of machine adjustment, the shape of the spiral and the vibration activity guides the product to give full mesh usage to maximise productivity.

According to Ray Singh, Sales and Marketing Director, ‘Russell Finex is continuously investing in development and innovation as part of our commitment to providing market-leading solutions for our customers. This new addition to our patent portfolio highlights our strategy and underpins our global reputation as leaders in fine mesh separation technology’.

Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding Systems have been improving product quality in many industries since the early 1980’s. These include: metal powders, electrostatic powder paint, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, ceramics, toner powder and food as well as many more.

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