Tilt Probe Control Unit

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Series LTC - Low Cost Tilt Probe Control Unit

Proximity Controls Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc., the preferred source for your complete range of practical and affordable instrumentation, is announcing the release of its New Series LTC Tilt Switch Control Unit.

The Series LTC Tilt Switch Control Units feature an adjustable time delay and a logic selector switch. There are two contacts for connection to the probe (three contacts for intrinsically safe probes); three for the input power; and two sets of output contacts, each with one normally open, one normally closed, and one common. Signal lights, relay, and transformer are all accessible with the box cover open allowing for easy maintenance. The controller output is through a relay, which provides a change in contacts as the probe moves from vertical to tilt and vise versa. The user may choose to employ either the normally open, normally closed, or both sets of contacts to perform switching operations in the system. In addition, an adjustable time-delay feature may be assigned to either the vertical or the tilt position to prevent false signals. The time delay is adjustable from one to ten (1 to 10) seconds. The relay assumes the de-energized position upon reaching the end of the delay period–as well as upon failure of power to the controller.

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